Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An enjoyable time

Feasting, singing, game playing, walking, reading, painting a ceiling and cinema going, are some of the things I have been enjoying this Christmas week.
We've had a lovely time. But time flies of course, when you are having so much fun, and here we are a whole week later. Jack Frost has been back to visit and old Father time with the the New Year is tapping impatiently at the door.
I've always felt a tinge of sadness saying goodbye to the old year. Knowing that the days have passed and gone, and moments cannot be relived. Thankfully this feeling doesn't last for long. For when the door is opened for the New year to come in, its replaced by wonderings, hopes, expectation and plans.

Whatever your hopes are for 2009,I wish you peace, happiness, love, light and laughter, good health, and many many magical moments!


  1. Such lovely frosty photos on the eve of the New Year. I wish you, and all your hobbits, a most happy, healthy one!

  2. the same wishes returned for you too karen

    leanne x

  3. Happy new yr Karen! May it bring you much success, joy & abundance & many more of your beautiful blog posts! :)

    Julia xx

  4. best wishes for 2009 Karen, for you and your family
    kind regards, Annette

  5. I wish the same for you too...thank you for sharing your lovely work and your fab photos..happy new year and every blessing for health happines and creativity...H

  6. Thankyou karen for such a lovely magical new year post! Lovely music too :)

  7. heres wishing you and yours all a very happy new year x

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  9. Thank you Karen and a very happy new year to you too!
    Lovely frosty pictures too.

  10. Happiest New Year to you too!~

    These are beautiful images.


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