Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Golden Fragments and Thoughts from Old Wessex

The last hours of April before she disappears over the greening hills for another year...
Through ancient woodland awash with bluebells, I followed the deer track. Bewitched by April’s scent, lost in a world away from concrete and roads. 
This world of layered leaf and broken branch, birdsong and new life unfolding. It breathes, quiet, and yet I do not feel alone. All that has passed over this land is still here. Ghost steps, echoes of stories left behind. A single piece of litter carelessly discarded pierces a sad reminder into my heart, that time has moved on. And yet I see horses, horses of old, a procession of them and leading in front a white one with a ragged mane. This old Wessex path, a hawk short flight from Chippenham, is still Alfred’s land.
Ghosts of gold, cuckoo flowers and golden fields.
Apple blossom and golden dusted eggs
Sweet flower cake
Easter time. Precious moments with family.
And a new addition to the Moonlight and Hares studio. Pale pink velvet, complete with sparkly horn and fluffy mane, a unicorn.
Found in a local shop one Saturday whilst  browsing, How could I resist bringing her home with me to watch over and enchant all things with a little more magic when working. 

Enjoy your May day tomorrow and don't forget to bathe your face in the morning dew ;) x
Thank you for stopping by here and commenting. This blog seems to be having a few problems lately with the size of font and I've been unable to reply to comments, but think I may possibly have sussed it now? ( the commenting bit at least) Fingers crossed? Also, sadly the music has had to go! :(  I've always loved putting music on here, even to the extent I kept it as an HTTP site for as long as possible rather than secure HTTPS. Now though it was time to go to the more secure site settings but that has meant the music player is no longer compatible. I may find a way around this but at the moment we are silent here. Another reason it had to go for now, is because of the much stricter laws of sharing content etc that have recently come into force. In the meantime I may try and embed some of my Son's music, we shall see?

Friday, April 12, 2019

What Was Once There Is Now Returned

After posting daily over on Instagram throughout March things have become a little quieter.
I took a couple of days off and spent them in the garden, soaking up the primrose magic.
The painting I was working on is now finished.
                                   'What Was Once There Is Now Returned'
And is now available to buy as a print and a greeting card in the shop.
With Easter just around the corner, it was time to play with the theme of eggs. Well why not? ;) Miniature paintings with gold leaf. These four tiny originals will be available in the shop after 4pm today.
I've matted them ready to pop into 6x4 frames.
Have a good weekend. x