Monday, November 30, 2020

Stars for an Old Friend

The eve of December and these beautiful berries on the old tree have pretty much disappeared now. 
All of a sudden when the North wind sends whispers of a frost the birds descend. Blackbird, thrush, pigeon and this year redwing. Maybe that's a sign of a colder winter ahead? I tried to capture them on camera but each time I got near they flew away. They are not as tame as the birds in the garden.  
As usual, we picked our bunch before they all disappeared. The sprigs wait patiently in a bucket of water ready for festive decorating. Unless of course Mr Blackbird discovers where the secret stash is. Having a pane of glass missing in the green house, this could be a real possibility and in fact has happened before. ;-) 
It's been a strange year indeed. I still can't believe that we are heading into December already. I don't have any inspiring pictures to share with you as I haven't been anywhere and have been so busy keeping up with orders.  I don't think a studio mess, piles of boxes, receipts and overflowing waste paper bins would have quite the same kind of vibe, so instead will show you the latest painting. 
It's called 'Stars for an Old Friend' and is painted in acrylics on paper.  I filmed the creation of it in time-lapse and made another film. So if you are interested in watching, click here or see below. It's available in both shops as a print. 
'Stars for an Old Friend'
Don't forget to get your advent calendars out and up ready for tomorrow.
See you in December!