Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Still here.

Hello! I'm still here if you were wondering where I had got to?... Time really ran away with me this last month and I can't believe I haven't got around to posting on here since February. I haven't really felt talkative to be honest, no reason, just that sometimes there seems so much talk, gossip and babble going on in the world that sometimes you feel silenced, need to step back, be quiet and get away from it all online. I'm sure others feel the same?
Spring has arrived here in Wiltshire. The snowdrops have said their goodbyes and now the banks are dotted with the sunshine coloured faces of shining celandines. Primroses are popping up everywhere in the garden.
Thy smiles I note, sweet early flower,
That peeping from thy rustic bower
The festive news to earth dost bring
A fragrant messenger of Spring. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Birds in the garden are busy with nesting although some do have time for afternoon snacks of sultanas. 
I haven't seen my Robin friend in a while. I last saw him a few weeks back with another robin, he came very close but wouldn't come onto my hand. He was very noisy chirping a lot at me. I like to think he was telling me he was very busy and explaining that if he got on my hand I don't think his partner would be very happy. I'm hoping he may return after nesting season is over but if he doesn't then I feel grateful that I had some wonderful special moments with him. 
I've been working on a commission which will be used as a dvd cover for a very talented irish lady that dances. I'm sure she has magical feet.  Here's some snippets of the painting to show you.   
I'll share more about the dvd when it's out and for sale at a later date. 

Another painting that has recently been finished is 'I am Earth'
 I was playing around with designs for my wooden hare hangers and these words popped up. I didn't want to wait to put them on a wooden hanger so painted them into a picture instead. I shall be making this available as a print to buy in my shop very shortly. 
Enjoy the sunshine! :)