Friday, July 19, 2013

Thirty Four Degrees In The Shade

Today the garden thermometer read thirty four degrees in the shady area next to the shed. The scent of mock orange perfumes a still hot afternoon air. No hint of breeze tickles the feathery fennel. The stone path burns my bare feet to walk upon. Brown butterflies flit from majoram to the bindweed then pause to rest on the privet hedge.
Cats sleep all day in hidden places among long grass like lions. 
Water and honeydew melon seem the only food appropriate. And strawberries of course.
I've been finding it hard to concentrate in the heat. I've had a few days off and done some jobs that needed doing in summer time. Painting window frames mostly. In between I've been flitting here and there doing what I call the 'easy jobs' the tasks where not much thought is needed. Priming hangers, drilling the holes and sanding and cutting them out. I can't sit still for long and find myself wandering looking for slow worms and grass snakes and other creepy crawlies. There are lots of spiders nests everywhere. 

I'm absorbing summers essence as well as the vitamin D.

I hope you are too.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Lawn Gone Wild And Other Things.

Living here in the countryside we are lucky to have a large garden. There are quite a few trees, including apple, hazel, holly, hawthorn and elder. The birds all love these, even the two conifers where the pigeons nest  every year. I have plenty of space for flower borders and there is quite a big patch of lawn. When my children were teeny hobbits they needed this to play games, ride bikes, have paddling pools, playhouses and camp outs. Now they are teenagers and although they still love to be out in the garden, they don't need all the space anymore. So this year I decided it would be a good idea to let part of the lawn turn wild.
Four areas have been left with paths cut between.  It's beginning to look rather good, so I thought I'd show you. Everything that has come up, has done so on it's own. I haven't planted anything. It's exciting walking through the mowed paths wondering what might emerge next?
It's so much more pretty than a cropped short lawn and so much better for insects and wildlife. Wouldn't it be great if everyone let a small patch go wild.

I will keep you posted on any new guests that appear. :)
Also if you feel strongly about wild plants and want to see more being left and not brutally cut down for tidiness especially on our road verges. Plantlife have a campaign and petition here  Please do take a look and sign.
Last weekend I went to visit my sister in Cornwall. On Saturday it was  Mazey Day in Penzance. A wonderful lively day. Stalls, music and processions filled the streets.

Bright colours were everywhere that you turned. So inspiring. 
A lovely day indeed. Then on Sunday I had the the icing on the cake, so to speak.  A trip to Eden to see Sigur Ros.
Eden was the perfect setting. The concert was just magical, amazing, stunning, fantastic and I am still in awe. I have added the memories to my very treasured ones. :)
So now it's time for that giveaway that I mentioned the last time I was here.....
Recently I passed 2000 sales in my Etsy shop, so to celebrate I will be giving away the items in the picture below, to one lucky winner.  (One print and seven postcards)

This will run on my Facebook page as well. If you would like to enter, either comment on this post or on the same picture on my Facebook page here. I will randomly pick a winner this Friday 5th July at 6.30pm. So this is a short time span.  Good luck my dearlings x

After adding all comments together.The giveaway winner that was drawn on Friday evening was Lesley Webb. Congratulations to Lesley and thanks everyone for taking part. :) x