Friday, February 22, 2019

A Snow Day

Gently and softly it came. The rooms became brighter inside, and the distant hum of traffic stopped. Quietly cocooned, the garden was wrapped up in white. Snow had fallen.
It was that perfect kind. The type that makes the best snow balls and sled runs. I wondered which of the 'fifty words' I would use to best describe it.
'Picturesque through the wardrobe kind' where a white witch's wand could be imagined, left carelessly  upon a sleigh behind the frozen crab apple? 
Or the soft steps of Satyrs or Fauns awakening frozen fairy bells, as their hooves crackle, compressing a thousand snowflakes into the shape of a footprint. 
From the branches, Aslan's little helpers watched on.
Extra hungry on days such as these, so seconds and thirds were provided. 
Quite a covering for this old westerly part of the world.
And although the primroses are beginning to bloom. I have to admit that I would welcome another day of this winter world before the Spring arrives.

You can join me on a walk during my snow day, shared in the video below  :)