Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Harlequins, ammonites and tea

Its 11 am. That means time for a tea break! So, let me take a moment to introduce you to our visitors....
They have been with us since mid November and will probably stay til around early March? They don't take up alot of room and do not require feeding. They have visited us annually for 10 years and mainly prefer the two south facing bedrooms.What am I talking about?....................Why Ladybirds of course!

So pretty and so useful in the garden. But take a closer look because all is not as it seems!

When we moved into this house and first met our annual visitors, they looked somewhat different.Mainly smaller with two or five spots, these were our native ladybirds. We rarely see these anymore because, we have been invaded by the Harlequin Ladybird!
Harlequins are considered the most invasive ladybird on earth.Apparently they arrived here in Britain in 2004 and are now gradually spreading across the country.
The bad thing about them is that when food is scarce they will eat our native ladybird, butterfly and moth eggs.And even bite humans! (Have only just found that out...yikes!) There is loads of information at the Harlequin ladybird survey here.
I sent some hibernating ones to Cambridge University to be correctly identified a couple of years ago when I suspected we had them. The survey are keeping track on their progress and habits, so if you suspect you have any near you,then please contact them.

Well, my mug is empty now. So,..... I'll let you take a peep into my sketchbook.

I've been working on ideas which will hopefully evolve into a painting, soonish?

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Trailer

We sat down and watched this after tea last night.
If you have children, they will love it!
If you don't, then the child in you will!
Mine want to go on holiday to Loch Ness this summer now!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Hares and Thank you's

Outside the sun shines but everything is wet. The garden sparkles with last nights raindrops.
My green house is calling to me, reminding me that I have a large bag of sweet peas ready for planting....
I have been inside finishing these two 'Valentine' inspired Hares.
They will be leaping across to Etsy later.

I can't believe that soon this blog will be 1 years old!
Since starting it, I have been amazed at the number of highly talented wonderful creative people there are living all around us. Whether they draw or paint, sew, knit,write, bake, garden .... it is a delight to open a door into their world and see their latest creations, how they have spent their days and what is inspiring them.
What amazes me even more though is how they can still find the time in a busy day to generously promote other peoples creations.
I would like to say a 'Big Thank you' to anyone that has linked me or taken the time and trouble to mention my work in their blogs. x

Annette has so kindly put my work in her beautiful animal inspired Etsy treasuries on numerous occasions. Please take the time and pop over to her at:
Dragon house of yuen She makes the cutest Arabella rabbit bags.

And Thankyou also, to Danielle at Notes from the Rookery. For featuring me recently in her Etsy treasury. Danielle does the most beautiful watercolours of Rooks, horses and Unicorns. Go and take a look!

Thankyou x

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love is in the air

Phew... Am I glad to have finished these Valentine hearts!
I'm not very fond of fiddly things!
I'm pleased I did them, its something that I haven't done before and variety is the spice of life... so they say... And, of course it all helps to keep that old wolf from tapping on my door!
Many of these are now hanging for sale in a local shop that I sell to.

Then I had a go at some individual ones.....

I enjoyed these more, but still fiddly. Hmmm....maybe I should get my eyes tested?
These in the bottom photo will be listed later this evening on Etsy.

Its been a beautiful day here with the bluest skies.
A robin flew across and sat himself merrily on the hawthorn branch as I was pegging my washing out. I'm sure he was speaking to me, he came so close. I think he was telling me about the beautiful white maidens that have appeared...


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Playing about in my sketch book....This is my submission for Illustration Friday 'Contained'

I'm Alice's white rabbit again though, as its a little late.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hearts and too much red

It is quiet here.
The sweet twitterings of hedge sparrows and a gentle purr of a ginger cat around my legs, are the only sounds today. Hobbits are back to school and all festive decorations have been safely packed away til next year.
The house seems so bare. I am especially grateful to the odd ray of sunlight that twinkles into our home.

With many layers and my thickest socks and gloves. I ventured out, set up tools and cut a basketful of this and that. As I was finishing my last one it actually started to snow. Quite a magical moment... cutting valentine hearts in the snow. Forgive me for not taking a photograph. Obviously using an electric saw when it begins to snow is not the safest or wisest thing to be doing. I hurried to finish, so no time for a picture.

Now warm inside and painting....
Whoops!...A little bit too much red came out here! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cakes, trees, and a recipe for new year

As most people these past few days have probably been doing, I have been taking time to think about the New Year ahead and what I hope or think it will bring.
I've been imagining the idea of the New year a little differently ....

Firstly I thought of it as being a bit like baking a cake....
The basic ingredients being the necessities or everyday things in life. The variety of cake we bake, what we add, or what we decorate it with, are our decision and based on what we have pre planned or have in our cupboard at the time. A cake, (especially one that I've baked) never seems to turn out the same. Sometimes its perfect, other times it sinks and something doesn't turn out quite so well.... Similar to the ups and downs of life.

Then I imagined that The New Year could be a tree....
Bare branched, waiting for new leaves to grow. Each new leaf could be our plans, dreams and hopes. Some might get pruned, eaten by caterpillars whilst others will mature to Autumn and produce fruit on its branch. Some will fall and set a seed for a new tree to grow.

Then, I had a little play about in my sketchbook...

So whatever 2009 has in store for us all...
Let the adventure begin!

Me,I will continue to walk my path and see where it will lead, letting the stars shine on my face whenever I can.

May they shine on you too!