Friday, October 31, 2014

Gold in the days.

As October is being tucked up in bed to sleep for yet another year, the days are filled with hints of gold. There is a golden carpet of leaves on the ground. It glistens in the damp misted morning and crackles and dances like sparks on a bonfire, on the windy days across the paths that I walk.

On the oak tree in the field nearby, we found hornets wearing their golden stripy outfits.
High up in the ash tree a black feathery Sir watches the leaves fall with his birds eye jackdaw view and ice blue eyes. Enjoying the mild afternoon, high up in the wooded cathedral, the sun warms his feathers of velvet and silk.

Meanwhile below the old holly tree, I have continued to feed my little robin friend. He is quite partial to porridge oats I've found out.  I managed to film a little and thought you might like to see.  It's just a short clip and not brilliantly edited, so I do apologise for that. If you follow me on Facebook I've already shared it there but for anyone else here it is.
Golden moments to treasure.
I did this little pencil drawing in between working on new hangers. I think it has captured him and his distinct eyebrows. :)
In other news... I have two paintings in the latest issue of EarthLines magazine. 
It's a wonderful magazine and I feel very honoured to be included. To subscribe or buy a copy of the latest edition, pop across to here

And so the Jack o lantern's have been carved and sit atop the piano waiting to be lit when twilight arrives.
I got to do one this year because Son is at Uni. ;) 

Happy Halloween/ Samhain/All hallows!   It's time to get the fires ready for Winter! x

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Wizard, an Alchemist and a handsome robin.

I thought I'd stop by a share with you some Autumn-ish bits and pieces that I've been working away on. All of the pieces will be added to My Etsy shop on Friday 10th October at 7pm (UK time)
First up is a toadstool. I love making these!  I only had one cut out, so at this time there is only this one. Hopefully I shall cut out more soon?
                                                                'Dear ones'
Next up, three painted hearts.
Words around the edge read:
'There is a King and Queen upon my hills and a cloak of purple for them to tread, beneath a golden sky'
Number two has red squirrels and reads:
'From deep below the earth rising up through roots and branches. The sleepy song of Autumn sparkles in silver mist'
Then lastly a fox and blackbird.
In the whispering morning mist the birds all tell their secrets. But only those that listen can ever hear and understand...

Now I will introduce you to my wild woodland wizard.  He is a shapeshifter and is often a fox.
He sometimes can be seen wandering the forest with the Alchemist. But at this time the Alchemist had very important business in the starlight sea and so in this piece is alone.
                                                             'The Alchemist'
And to finish, more pictures of my little handsome friend taken with my phone the other day.  :)