Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One New Hard Drive Later...

About a year and rather many extra days ago, I did a sketch in my notebook. It was an idea that I knew I would go back to but other things kept getting in the way, like they do. The seconds and minutes, hours and days, moment by moment never wait. So a couple of weeks ago it was time to bring this picture to life.
I don't often show my work in stages of progress, so thought this would make a change.

                                                     'Out Of The Depths We Called You'
The title of the picture was inspired by a  favourite piece of music by Terry Oldfield (brother of Mike) from an album called Out Of the Depths (De Profundis) If you have been a follower of this blog right from it's beginnings, it may be familiar to you? I'm often putting it on the music play list every now and then.
This painting has been finished for a while but I haven't shared it sooner, as my laptop which is only just over a year old, decided to play silly games with me.  So if you were wondering where I was and why I hadn't blogged for a while that was the reason. I did have an old computer to use to check Etsy, Twitter and Facebook etc but because it was a wee bit slow I didn't bother uploading pictures and kept tasks to a minimum. Anyway one new hard drive later, here I am back and can share some images of these laptop-less days.
I've spent a lot of time in the garden and have been making the most of the sunshine filled days. There have been visits from a squirrel, a grass snake, many slow worm, quite a few bumble bee (sadly hardly any honey bees) I  found a dead orange tip butterfly in the greenhouse and made a special place for it with dandelion seeds and forgetmenot. 

The fields have been spread generously with butter. The floral kind.  Last week we saw a badger snuffling among the golden flowers. It didn't see us as was too busy, so we had the pleasure of watching it just a few feet away, for about a minute. I didn't have my camera with me that night. Yes, you guessed it!.

But there have been other characters to capture other days.  :)
On the river where the water witch lives with her tangled green locks of emerald hair the swans have three silver cygnets.

Everything seems touched by gold in June's evening light, even the tiniest of  flies.
The moonlight and clouds always mesmerize me and inspires  new imaginings in my sketchbook. Here a moon moth.
The Offering Of Light'

'Out Of The Depths' is available to buy as a print in my shop here. And I will be back shortly with details of a giveaway.In the meantime, I will leave you with these flowers picked from the garden. :) x