Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Spider Month Of September And A Shop Update

I like to think of September as spider month because of the sheer amount that seem to be visible at this time of year. Not only are they in the house, (it's okay I'm not scared of them ;-)) outside the windows  are covered in spiders too. They love to make their webs on the panes of glass. A dark trick for the poor unsuspecting fly that thinks he will just head on into the house, but then realises there is glass between itself and the room and a deadly trap made of spun silk.  Meanwhile the sweet blue tit knows that the spiders and flies are  up to things on the window, so it's the month when I hear a tap tapping and look up to see them peeping in at me during their autumn feast.
I was happy to have captured the above picture, even if it is a little blurry as they move so fast, too speedy for my camera.
September is the month when in the morning the hedgerows, fields and  gardens are decorated with dew dropped webs. And the early morning Autumn light just makes them look as if one had stepped into another realm. Such beauty.
The garden is still filled with flowers.
 And butterflies. Every time the sun comes out, our big patch of ivy is a nectar magnet for them.
It's been a busy month behind the scenes. New Autumn cards have been designed and added to the shop. You may remember these images from my wooden hangers last year? I thought they would make cute cards in the style of a nature journal type page again. I'm selling them in a pack of 3 in the shop.
I've also been busy organising a 2018 calendar which is now available. 
The hangers have all been finally finished. Below are most of them. There are 16 in all but some are similar, so I won't share every single one here.

                                                                             ~ *~
The shop update will be next Monday 2nd October at 7.30pm (uk time) First come first served.

There will also be some new sets of cards in the shop. I know Christmas is still ages away (thank goodness) but because a lot of my work sells abroad I have to get the cards and things in the shop early.  Sooo... if you are not keen on looking at Winter things yet, please avert your eyes. ;) 
With October just around the corner now, it's time to get back to the sketchbook and some new paintings. My little studio has been tidied and changed about in preparation. 
Happy Autumn