Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Mudlarkers Moon and a Good Pumpkin Harvest

With Winter not far off now I thought I'd share two new pieces created.
 The first one is the image below 'The Mudlarkers Moon' 
Some nights when the moon is bright and full and I lay awake unable to sleep, I wish that I was out wandering the land, rivers and streams with the fox. Listening and searching for all the lost treasures of long ago. For their voices are much louder in the quiet of the night.  
The second piece is named "Called by Song'  This image has been in my head for quite a while and after a moment encounter a few weeks back, when I spotted a deer casually walking across the garden I felt the universe was telling me it was probably time to paint it. I like to think that my deer was called by the song of the friendly robins and blackbirds in the garden, but in reality I think it was more after an apple feast with the amount of fallen apples that we have left for the wildlife. 
Both new designs are available as cards and prints in the web shop  and Etsy. This year I have gone with more single cards again. Packs weren't that popular last year and I thought especially in the current climate that many folk prefer to buy just a single card? You can watch a little of this painting being created in a film, if you pop across to my Youtube channel. There is also a bit of cider making in it too. 
I'm enjoying doing the videos, although I do find it quite time consuming. Hopefully I can only improve and get faster.  It's good to try something new though isn't it? 
Our pumpkins grew really well this year and we were very lucky to harvest a good crop.  
Lots of pumpkin soup has already been eaten.  And yesterday it was time to choose a victim to be carved. The chosen one!
I felt like doing something more elaborate, so chose a forest scene. Then quickly kind of regretted it once I began cutting it out, (hehe) but it ended up being quite relaxing. And relaxing is good of course and necessary! so all was fine. ;) 
Ta da!
Wishing you all a cosy Halloween! 
Don't forget to come and join me on Youtube! Here is the latest video! :) x