Monday, November 22, 2010

The Misty Month

Whenever I think of November, I think of mist.
November will always be the misty month for me.

Beautiful to capture on camera and when it gets dark, the type of weather to curl up and dream, with a book or a movie by candle or starlight.

I'm looking forward to sitting down to watch this one, this chilly season. Such beautiful animation and soundtrack.

As the sun breaks through the smoky veil, creations have been coming to life on my desk.

                                                             The Mistletoe Hare
 And other odds and ends.

Also available in my shop are The Starlight Hare in postcard form now.

And Fairy Dust. A new print. Actually an old piece of Artwork, but I felt it was sad to leave it shut away unseen.

Hope your Monday is merry and music filled.
(And if you are wondering? items will be listed in my shop over the course of today)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remembering Beyond Those Heather Clothed Hills

Sitting at my desk this week I haven't needed music or radio to keep me company. Outside at times it sounded as if the sea was on my doorstep. The trees danced to a wild wind symphony while I watched from the window, cosy indoors.

When I was a child I was scared of the wind and used to bury my head under the bed clothes so as not to have to listen to it's calling. Now I love it and always think I  hear and feel spirits and old souls in its song.
This week has been remembrance week and with that fierce wind blowing maybe on the 11th  hour we heard those souls that have passed a little more clearly.
Here is my Grandad. (Grampy) in 1916.

He was one of the lucky ones. He survived, came home, and had seven children and got to push me in my pram for a just little while.
And here he is older with my Nan.

It was on a theme of remembrance that a heart hanger took shape this week.
The Exmoor Emperor will join the spirits on the wind now. I have painted a little tribute to him here.

 There is a place beyond those heather clothed gentle hills where you run free. Deep within the starry constellations. Forever be.

The Exmoor Emperor was a stag that stood nine feet tall and was sadly killed by a trophy hunter a few weeks ago.
I felt a great need to make this little tribute. To settle something inside, for my own soul.
You can also help by clicking here. (A great charity that I myself donate to monthly)

It's strange how things seem interconnected sometimes. I painted a remembrance heart, in remembrance week. The painting was connected to Exmoor and so was a surprise package that arrived on my doorstep the other morning. Inside was a note that said the lovely parcel carefully wrapped in pink tisssue paper had been especially made for me. A thankyou gift for inspiring her.
 I opened it and revealed the most beautiful glass hanger...

And it even had a hare on it! Wow how lucky am I!! Thankyou so much Lizzie. I will treasure it  and soon hang it in my little wooden studio. :) x

Why don't you pop over to her shop. There are lots more beautiful things on sale.

The Exmoor Emperor heart is now for sale in my shop.
Take care in this windy weather. x

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Special Moment In A Day

The morning was grey. Soft rain fell as if a gentle sea mist had payed us a visit. There was not a hint of wind to blow the strongest few leaves that remained on trees. The rain drops collected until they were heavy on stems, November jewels decorating the birds winter feast.
I didn't take an umbrella.

Across the field over the stile, into the lane, then up the road. I scuffed through coppery beech leaves carpeting my path.
I was on a short journey to a certain place that last week a friend of mine had mentioned. She had seen something. A type of something that you don't normally come across in Wiltshire?
I began to wonder whether she had possibly imagined it as I grew near to the area?

I carried on, wanting to find that 'unusual' that something 'different', that 'moment' that can change a day into something special. 
When everyone else was getting on with doing what they do on a Friday. Winding down  for the weekend in the office, getting the groceries  in the local supermarket. taking their child to the dentist.... Here I was hunting for that little bit of magic to turn my day from ordinary to extraordinary.

 Then I reached the place. All was quiet, not  even a dog walker about. Just a plain old field. But a field that held childhood memories of laughter and mushroom picking for me.
 And then I saw them....   


Such beautiful magical creatures!

 They made my day. :-)

Thanks to my friend Lucy for the tip off.  :) x
She has recently opened an Etsy shop just a few days ago, so please go and pay her a visit here

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nights Cloak

The night is wrapping her woven cloak around us earlier now that the clocks have turned back. What a marvellous cloak it is, embroidered with delicate starshine, steeped in indigo and milkyway. She is an enchantress, casting a spell over the far northern and southern hemispheres with her rainbow silky aurora dances she hypnotises all who fall under who spell.
My three new hearts are decorated with her dancing. Oh, and hares as I have had so many requests for more 'hares'. :)

I will be listing these very shortly in my Etsy shop here
And I've finally got around to finishing this, which will also go into the shop too.

 Happy November to you!  x