Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Etsy Shop Update

Did I ever tell you about the strange tree that grows in my garden? If the conditions are right and we have been blessed with a warm summer, in Autumn it bears fruit of the oddest kind....
Just didn't believe me did you?
Of course this post isn't really about magic fox bearing trees but to share my latest wooden creations which will all be added to my shop this Friday the 27th September at 7pm  (19:00) uk time on the dot!
Come and meet the foxes......
Inspired by berries and plants in the hedgerow.  Hawthorn,elder,blackberry and dog rose.
There are also hares.
 'Crab Apple' is very pleased to meet you although she was a little shy and didn't really like having her photograph taken.
Herb And Butterfly
And a cheeky little trio. Nordic inspired.
 Birdies...  Mr crow.
And Mr Cuckoo.
Now to the land of the magic forest, where toadstools have small worlds within. These worlds are inhabited by woodland creatures and always much starlight. 

Pixie-ish red ones too. No pixies but more woodland creatures. Or of course the pixies could be shape shifters?
Almost there now, just the pendants to go. I know, let's have a momentary interlude....
 Here's a gorgeous big bee for you to see,  pictured in the garden today. :)
And lastly the pendants....
I've also added some new postcards too, so do stop by and have a look.
See you soon! xx                             

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Warm Beginning To September

My September began a little differently this year. As the wheel of the year took it's first turn into Autumn, my feet trod warm earth and were washed with gentle clear waves of Aegean Sea.
The first 'September' blackberry was picked amid hedgerows backed by olive groves.
I have travelled to the Greek islands before, many years ago but the smell of the olive groves this time seemed so familiar and comforting to me. An ancient smell of warmth and stone . My husband said it was the Roman blood in me, remembering?
Beautiful twisted, knarled, silvery trees, so old. I always wonder what a tree has seen and what stories it could tell when it can live over 2000 years old?
Across the water the mountains of mainland Greece stretch across the horizon. It's not far to Turkey and Bulgaria from here. Sitting quietly on the beach I'm transported back to the past and wonder about the travellers that have come and gone to this beautiful pine covered green isle, and who also tasted the fruit of these trees.
On this cold grey day here at home today I would love to be back there again.
The warmth on my skin, fennel edged roadsides, the comforting hum of crickets at night, humming bird hawk moths whirring and flitting about tiny pink climbing flowers, tzatziki, so many tomatoes, salty olives and aniseed taste of ouzo on my tongue.
And the sea
the beautiful beautiful sea
 filled with the tiniest sparkles of silver and gold mica.
 I tried to capture them so that you could see.
Glitter for Aegean mermaids.
With the snorkel on, we became part of another world.
A world of small stripy fishes and rich aubergine coloured spiky sea urchins that clung to rock.
Such a wonderful week it was to begin the Autumn.
When we left the gulls accompanied us, bidding us a goodbye as they had bid us a welcome when we arrived. Swooping and diving alongside the boat.
Watching them made me think that I'd quite like to come back as a seagull one day, if I ever had the opportunity. A seagull that lived on Thassos, Greece.  :)
I hope your Autumn has begun well?
I will be back very soon with new work to show.