Monday, February 25, 2013

A Journey North

Several days ago, as the morning light began to greet an icy February morning and others were tucked up in bed I began a journey.
Towards the capital city where me, being a country mouse, rarely ventures anymore,  if I can help it. ;) 
We stopped though just before we came to the big city, at Heathrow Airport where a plane lands and takes off every two minutes I believe. (scary thought)  Here is a clue to where we were heading.
North wards, up across this land over the highlands of Scotland to Iceland! 
I don't mind flying, but don't make a habit of it. In fact the last time I was on a plane was 17 years ago.  So I was quite excited being above the clouds again.
Reykavik was our home for the next few nights, so I will share here a taste of the city.
 In 2012 Iceland's recorded  population was  319,575. 120,000 living in Reykavik. Compared to London's 8 million and more, and with many of the population said to believe in elves, well, this is my kind of city. ;)
Leifur  Eriksson  stands looking out to the west in front of the striking Hallgrimskirkja church.
The church stands 244 ft tall and has a lift inside to go up and get a view of the whole of the city.  From the top the view was amazing.
Down by the sea a biting frozen wind blew across from the mountains.
The sculpture  Sun Voyager. and me. :)
To warm up we stopped for soup and of course we had to try a 'Viking' beer.
Inspiring things...
Ice from Iceland! Can you see the silhouette of a woman. Maybe I stumbled across the snow queen leaving her shadow made of ice?   
We finished off our trip with a whole day spent immersed in warm geo thermal waters at the Blue lagoon.
Sadly clouds obscured any sightings of Aurora Borealis while we were there. So, you know what this means....I'll just have to pay another visit. ;)
Now it's back to normal here and I have lots to do, so had better get to it.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Woodland Spirits on Valentines day

Happy Valentine's day!
The sun has shone all day today and it has been beautiful. Spring has her foot in the door now and has enticed  more celandine, snowdrops and even a primrose and daffodil  to wake up.  It was definitely a day for going somewhere, I chose our local Abbey as I had heard there was a new outdoor sculpture collection on show.  It is called  'Inner Spirit' and is a collection of wire sculptures by the hugely talented  Derek Kinzett  I thought I'd share some of my hour amid the stunning woodland spirits with you.
The Abbey grounds are filled with snowdrops and crocus at this time of year, the perfect setting...

'Inner Spirit' is on until the 10th March so if you are in the area do go and see. 
I left feeling refreshed and inspired and wanting to take the 'Last Unicorn' home with me. Well,  he would have made a perfect friend for my reindeer. ;)  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wintry Paintings

I had almost forgotten why I never make new year resolutions until I turned my calendar over the other morning. January has gone. Winter put away it's coldest cloak. The white one that tinkles with shards of icicles along the hem. The one that is embroidered with a million snowflakes, each one unique, as a moment. It's February already and I have only blogged twice! I didn't really make any official resolutions but I kind of promised  quietly to myself  that I would blog more. Hmm.. I haven't. You's no good I can't keep resolutions.
If you follow my facebook page or have visited my shop lately you will probably have seen my latest paintings. If you haven't then here they are...

'One Day They Will Love You Too Sang The Robin'

                                                                        Midwinter Song
                                                          Whispers to the Old Moon

January seemed to be the month for finishing things off that had been started and restocking my shop after the Christmas busy-ness.  Fresh batches of cards.

Some have reached the shop others have yet to fly. Paintings are all available as prints.
The other day I went to look for treasures down by the stream.
I found 'Old Mans Beard' or some might know it as 'Travellers Joy'. I like both names. (Officially known as  clematis vitalba) It is one of my favourite hedgerow plants. And maybe I shouldn't tell you this but... as naughty children sometimes we used to light the dried wood and smoke it. :~/ (now I don't recommend that you try this, as I'm not sure what research has been done on effects!?)
 Catkins. It looks as if it will be a good year for hazelnuts. :)
Then I noticed someone trying to get my attention. What a beautiful treasure! (Sadly not mine) I wonder what his name is?
Snowdrops stretching up towards the light.
And yesterday I saw two celandine nodding their yellow faces in the breeze.
More tales from February soon.  x

P.S:  Welcome to any new followers! :-)