Thursday, February 20, 2014

A small taste of Scandinavia

I had a small taste of  Scandinavia the other day. My sister and I, accompanied by our two teenage daughters, set off on a little adventure to Copenhagen for a few days.
It's always lovely to get away and explore somewhere new.
And of course try the local tipple. In this case gløgg 
Hot spicy mulled wine with raisins and chopped almonds at the bottom of the glass.... yes, it was delicious. From now on, I think I will be lacing my own winter mulled wine with raisins and almonds too.
I'm not really a city loving person, but a few days here and there, seeing the sights I'm okay with. Especially if the sights are mermaids.
Whenever I am in a city, I always find myself looking for nature. Too many buildings, concrete, cars and noise, give me withdrawal symptoms. I always manage to find what I'm craving though, even if it is only made of stone. 
I did find some real too.
Pigeons and pretty yellow aconites in the park.
We made a special journey to walk past Copenhagen zoo, so that I could leave my postcards on the railings. A rest in peace message for Marius.
I believe the Danish television programme 'The Bridge' is rather popular? I haven't watched it myself, as I'm not a big fan of crime drama, but my sister is a huge fan, so on our last day we crossed the bridge and visited Sweden.
I loved the timber framed houses and thought this valentine window was pretty. 
And this dog. :)
I left with a beautiful postcard illustrated by Lars Klinting
and a strong desire to return. 
Scandinavia, especially Sweden ... I will be back.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Rosehip Spell

The little white maiden had been hidden in the dark for many months. Sometimes when she stirred she heard echoes of laughter and warmth stretched down to her roots in the dark where she lay asleep. It wasn't her turn to reach for the sky, not when the dog roses were out. She had to wait. She had to wait until the earthworms pulled the old leaves down, and the ground turned cold. She had to wait until the hedgehog was deep in sleep and the darkness lingered. She had to wait until the freezing  rain, ice and snow covered the land. Then it was her time.
    ~Karen Davis 2014
The snowdrop, so perfect and so wonderful to see at winters end. These are in my garden, but I've been noticing them all over lately and even some celandine peeping their yellow smiley faces out early too.
The rain has continued to fall and we still haven't had any really cold icy weather. My heart goes out to all the poor souls who have been flooded and especially Somerset. It looks as if the isle of Avalon has returned, maybe King Arthur will too, we could certainly do with his help.
I finished another heart painting. I felt the need to do a fox as I didn't want him to be left out. ;)
It's titled 'The Rosehip Spell '  Prints will be available in my shop shortly. I will probably be adding the original too, although at the moment it has to stay and have some 'me' time  for a while to absorb some 'love' Does that sound odd to you? How do other artists feel when they sell an original work It's strange as some work I feel more attached to when it comes to letting go. I suppose it is because it is a little bit of yourself, an extension of your feelings and soul.
Over on my facebook page I'm having a valentine giveaway, so  if you would like to win a copy of this print do pop across and comment. Please hurry though as it's only a 24 hour one.

I will leave you with this lovely new song by Emily Portman. I just love the video, I used to have the very same shepherd, lambs and sheep in my farm animal collection as a child!