Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Magic Of Morning Light And Notebooks For Those Who Love The Moon

Morning light as it quietly rises beyond the hill. Taken from my kitchen window.
Being more of a night owl, I'm not normally an early riser so don't often see the dawn rise. This morning though something woke me. Pink glow through lacy curtain stirred my heavy eyes to open. I went downstairs to put the kettle on for the first cup of tea of the day and took my camera to the window.  A soft misted morning of late August.  'Red sky in the morning shepherds warning' the old words pop into my head, memories of childhood. My neighbours cockerel crows and in the field just over the hedge the sheep begin a dew drop spangled breakfast. I stand with my mug in hand watching nature paint her masterpiece on the horizon, feeling blessed to witness it.

On the ceiling is a blood vein moth. Through it's wings streak the darkest pinks of the morning sunrise. This beauty rested all day, until the moon rose, then I delicately cupped it in my hands and let it fly free outside.
I'm still working on some moths. This time painted on hares again. They really should have been ready ages ago... but other things have a habit of getting in the way, like they so often do.
As soon as they are ready I will add the dates of listing times etc in my Etsy shop announcement.
One of the things that got in the way of finishing the hares was designing some new notebooks.
A pack of three,  especially 'for those who love the moon.'
'Moon Gazers notebook'
'Moon Dreamers notebook'
 And a 'Little notebook for moon lovers'
Notebooks are available here
It's quiet in my studio, enjoying the last days of summer. Just the radio on, a cd or an audio book.
And when I'm tired of the chatter of radio and sound of human voice it's just me and the sounds outside with my door ajar. And occasionally if I'm lucky I will get a visitor. This sweet one was waiting for me to add extra treats to the bird table. A relative of Robin Goodfellow? I hope so?
Some other work I've completed since my last post here.
'Dreaming Of Bees' Small hand painted talisman
 Bee pendant/talisman
(Both of the above, have already been sold in the shop)

Now summer has almost come to an end. I have a calendar in the pipeline ready for 2018 (which hopefully shouldn't be too long in the making) and some winter cards to finish designing.

Some favourite things of my summer 2017:
  • Flowers, flowers and more flowers! :) 
  • Pottering in the garden
  • Visiting my sister on St Michaels Mount and midnight swimming beneath the moon in the causeway
  • Lots of elderflower cordial
  • Drinking mead sitting around an outdoor fire
  • Roses. (yes more flowers)
  • Swimming in the Aegean and walking among ancient olive trees
  • The gentle meditative sound of grasshopper and cricket in the garden
  • Seeing hedgehogs back in the garden
  • The friendly birds on Holy island
  • Feeling warmth on my skin and walking beneath blue skies
  • Spending time with Son and Daughter both home from Uni 
  • Finding beautiful moths

Flowers are those little colorful beacons of the sun from which we get sunshine when dark somber skies blanket our thoughts. ~Dodinsky