Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Its finished!....I think?

I am going to say the painting is finished.
I have fiddled around with it today, adding things then removing them because they were not quite right. Its strange how all of a sudden you reach a final point. I shall put the picture away for a while, then, I might add something later? Probably not though, as I think I have achieved the feeling in the picture that I wanted.

Changing the subject, look what treasure I found on the shelf of a charity shop the other day!

A candle with a leaf from the 'Glastonbury thorn' just waiting for me to buy it, only £1.25
I shall light this on Christmas Eve.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wishing for Dragons, Golden Geese and white bees

Down in the village there was talk of a north wind bringing snow this week.
A tingle of excitement shivered my bones as I stood in the post office, and heard this. I love frosty cold weather and especially snow. Each day I have been closely watching the skies with a beady eye for any hint of white bees swarming.

There have been some beautiful moments of light to capture.

The bird painting has been a little neglected this week. Time had to be given to other things.
There is still lots to do to pull it all together. But its getting there, snails pace.

In between odds and ends and snippets of time, I scratched and scribbled in my sketch book, with an idea I had for Illustration Friday 'Pretend'.
I didn't manage to get it done in time to participate this week , but thought I'd show it anyhow.

Dragons and Golden geese really do exist. Who said anything about pretending!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A little bit more progress

What a dark,damp,drizzle of a day. Gentle rain falls so fine it could almost be mistaken for sea mist. As the south coast is about seventy miles away sadly it isn't.
Its rain, and its the type that makes my hair go excessively curly.
The birds in the garden seem to be enjoying it as they are all singing a merrie olde tune this grey morning.

My birds are coming along slowly....

Lots more still to do on all areas!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Work in Process

More birds, but this time they will be two dimensional.
It feels good to be painting a picture on canvas again. This one was a sketch I did a couple of months back, and has been sitting patiently waiting to be turned into colour.Could it be symbolizing myself, surrounded by birds? Canvas is quite new to me, as I have always worked on watercolour paper. I feel it forces me to work bigger and doesn't let me get obsessive with tiny details, which I sometimes do.

Lots more work to do yet....

and........................ November Magic.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Morning Mr Magpie

Are you superstitious?.....

Do you 'touch wood' for reassurance, just to be on the safe side? (sometimes)
Do you make sure 'not to place your newly bought shoes on a table'? ( my Mum stuck by this one)
Do you cover mirrors in a thunderstorm?( my Nan used to)
Do you let the other person come down the stairs first before you go up, so that you don't' 'cross' on the stairs? ( my children don't)
Do you open the front and back doors on December 31st, to let the new year in and the old one out?( we always do)

And.... if you see a magpie, do you tip your hat and greet him with:

"Good morning Mr Magpie!"

I consider myself to have a few magpie tendencies. No, I am not a thief, but have a bit of a liking for silvery sparkly things. Not the expensive diamond ring sparkly things, thats not me. Items such as craft glitter, a shell with a silvery sheen, the odd christmas decoration, my old crystals, glittering starlight, fairylights, icicles and hoar frost covered cobwebs.

I am fascinated with the tale of magpies being attracted to shiny things and would love to peep into a nest to see how much of the tale is true?

As you can see, I've been busy with another hanger, my own Mr Magpie.
He is complete with his own sparkly treasures and is roosting over at my Etsy shop.
I do hope he doesn't steal anything whilst he's there?
And now I MUST get back to doing some painting ( the paper and canvas kind)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Inspired by the sea

Inspired by the sea, here is my latest hanger offering .....

This magical whale is available to buy now over in my Etsy shop!