Monday, July 31, 2017

Moth Prayer and Moth Spell

Hidden in the depths of my rusty old seed box back in the Spring I planted a packet of sunflower seeds. It was a packet that I'd had for several years, so was unsure whether they would even germinate. But I went ahead and planted them anyway and they came up. I transplanted them and watered them lovingly then planted them out. And look how well they did!
The bees love them and so do I, they seem such happy flowers being big and bold and cheerful even when it's raining, which it has been quite a lot just recently. But despite the raindrops, they have managed to stay upright with a little help from some garden canes. 
When the sun has shone in between, I've took time out to take part in the Great Big Butterfly count.  It only takes 15 minutes and is easy to do and even has an the app that you can download. Sadly our Lepidoptera is in decline so it's a great way for the butterfly conservation charity to check on numbers. I've lived in the same place now for nineteen years and have definitely noticed the decline of butterflies, moths and of course bees. Although I am happy to say that the bees seem to be more abundant here this year which is wonderful to see.
Butterflies and especially moths have often featured in my work over the years. Seeing them as delicate winged messengers, they flit from the pages of my sketchbook into the indigo starlit skies of my paintings. Three of them stopped and made a permanent home in 'Moth Prayer' below.
                                                                      'Moth Prayer'
(prints available here)

'Moth Spell'

'Moth Spell' I have made for a very special auction that will be taking place on 6th August over on Instagram. The auction will take place at @giftthemwings and all money raised will go to Somerset Wildlife Trust and the U.K.Butterfly Conservation charity. My little hanger will join a number of other winged inspired art that has been generously donated by a lovely bunch of talented artists. If you have an Instagram account please do pop across and follow @giftthemwings to take part in the auction. :)