Monday, June 29, 2020

Shop Update Preview and Quiet Moments of Lockdown

There will be a small shop update in the 'website' shop (*not Etsy) of 10 wooden items on Tuesday at 8pm. The shop is currently still only shipping to UK though due to the delays because of Covid19. Apologies for this. 
Below are photos of what's to be added.
'Borage and Bee~Hedgerow Hare'
 'Clover, Herb Robert and Bee ~ Green Hedgerow Hare'
Spring Swallow ~Hedgerow Hare
Spring Meadow Hawthorn ~ Hedgerow Hare
Hawthorn and Bee ~ Hedgerow Hare 
Talisman 1 
Talisman 2
Talisman 3
Talisman 4
Talisman 5
I made a little film of some moments from Lockdown. I hope you enjoy.
If you like it, give it a thumbs up on Youtube and subscribe to my channel. I enjoy making films, but they do take me quite a long time. Hopefully I will get faster with more practice? 


Silence the birds,
Let the hollyhocks bow their heads,
And the daisies close. 
The scented breeze still and the sun hide behind a cloud.
For our little prince has gone.
Shadow, companion, lap sitter, king of purrs, special friend, and dearest one.
You were quite simply, perfect.
Until we meet again beautiful boy. 
Play to your hearts content amid the starlight gardens.