Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time Well Spent In May

I'm sure the world of Blogger has a different time. A clock that ticks more frequently to the one in my kitchen, turning minutes into hours when our backs are turned. Have you ever noticed it?
I planned to blog a lot in May. Hmm I'm not sure what happened as now we are coming upon the end of the month and here I am with only a second post..
So, here's some of what I've been doing, these past two/three weeks is it? I'll turn the Blogger clock back and let you see.

I've walked in Bluebell woods.
 Raindrop jewelled and sunlit dappled.
I breathed in the heavenly scent of the wild woods and recharged the part of my soul that was calling out and demanding bluebells. :0)
Inspired by the woods I finished the faerie hangers that  had been waiting patiently on the side of my desk.

I'll be listing these soon if you are interested to my  Etsy shop.
Along with this woodland toadstool...

May has also included a weekend away to Devon and the sea.
After all the rain we were lucky, the sun shone and made us think we were somewhere more exotic.
I found a creature on the rock that looked exotic and prehistoric. (Not the beautiful creature above, that's hobbit daughter. ;)) The one below, also beautiful and looks like a giant wood louse. This was two inches long. I think it's called a sea slater?  
In the pretty village of Lee I met an owl on a gate with eyes like Coraline's other Mum.

He told me where the Devon violets grew. 
We skimmed stones for an hour.
(My hobbits are still hobbits, just not such small ones anymore. *sigh*)
We walked high up along the coast and saw flash of green, a glimpse of woodpecker fly past us.
And to a hidden beach  'Pear tree beach.'
Here I chatted with a pigeon that was resting. He was a racing pigeon I think, as he had green and yellow bands on his feet. Maybe he was Welsh and had flown across the sea? I could see Wales across the water. 

Onwards and upwards we trod.
And then down into the prettiest faerie glade. 
My camera couldn't capture the sheer beauty and magic of this. I walked through here sure that it hadn't been touched for many many years and swearing to myself that I would treat myself to a better camera. 
At dusk we headed for Exmoor and heard the cuckoo. We stayed until midnight stargazing.

Back home and the here and now. Days are sunny and so warm they are hot. I've been hiding away here, working on a project a little bit different, that will be revealed at a later date....
Surrounded by hawthorn and birdsong I wouldn't mind if time stopped completely and May stayed forever.

Friday, May 4, 2012


In my last post I told you that I had been working on a painting and that I'd share it in the next post. Well here it is....
It's for a local exhibition that I'm taking part in this June which will be part of the Corsham festival. The exhibition theme was Wiltshire/a personal Journey, who you are and you're work.  I decided to take on the famous old Wiltshire story of the Moonrakers with a whimsical twist, including my white hare guide that still leads me one step ahead along my path.
And a bushy tailed  foxy friend to join him.
Oh and an owl..
For those of you who have never heard of the Wiltshire Moonrakers, then let me explain.
Many years ago, when wealthy men wore shoes with silver buckles and women wore long gowns, smuggling was rife. Some Wiltshire folk decided to hide contraband barrels of french brandy from custom officials in a village pond. (The location is believed to be the Crammer in Devizes)
One night when the owls and foxes spoke to the bright full moon, they came quietly to retrieve it using rakes to pull the barrels out. In the middle of the act they were caught by the revenue men who asked them what they were doing raking the pond? Pointing at the moon's reflection they replied:
"Why, just trying to catch that big piece of round cheese Sir"
The excise men thinking they were simple yokels, laughed, left them to their business and went on their way.
The Wiltshire men were left to carry on  and I'm sure were very happy with their french brandy!
This picture is not the best quality as it's just a photo when the painting was on my desk. But, I have plans to get it scanned this weekend and make it available as a print in my Etsy shop shortly.
My what a lot of rain has fallen this week. It rained non stop most of last weekend then rained on and off all through the week.  My water butt that was standing dry is now overflowing which I'm most pleased about.  On May 1st the sun shone on May day.I took my camera to greet the new month. This is what I saw.
Rain soaked fields and a river that had burst it's banks.
The old bridge taking strain.

I moved away from the watery world and back amid the little woods to see signs of greening. Wanting to capture something special on Beltane/May day. I was greeted with the pungent scent of wild garlic otherwise known as ramsons, buckrams, bear leek, wood garlic, broad leaf garlic,and bear garlic.
I love this little plant, it reminds me of playing in the woods as a child.
Then I came across another favourite Jack by the hedge.
And Periwinkle.
  Faerie size bouquets of hedge/cow parsley.
And twirling new growth of sticky cleavers.

And such pretty flowers and good for bees, dead nettle and ground ivy.
I took a slip of each and brought the new growth  inside, placing them upon my window sill.
Earth's delicate simple treasures.