Friday, April 25, 2014

A shop in the village

It's the end of a week again already, the sunshine has left us today and soft gentle rain falls on the new born green leaves. Here the ash is still tightly in bud, therefore 'The oak is out before the ash'  so hopefully this year, it will only be a splash?  What about where you are, have you noticed which was first?
I'm still steadily, quietly working away on the hangers, so today I will take you out of my work space and down the road, a quick visit to somewhere quite beautiful, that looks as if it would easily fit into Hogsmeade.

When I was small  there was a shop in the village with a stable door. I have always loved doors like this. This shop sold groceries and I remember going in there to buy sweets sometimes, but mostly sweet supply was bought at the old post office. The shop is still here and so is the gorgeous door. It doesn't sell groceries now, but other wonderful things. I thought I'd share it with you.
'Quintessentially English' is my favourite shop in Lacock  It creates and sells, here in this old shop the most beautiful handmade natural beauty products, luxurious toiletries and organic soap that looks good enough to eat and almost too pretty to use.
Inside it's centuries old walls, blue bottles line up like an apothecary and the air is perfumed with scent of Goddess, Lavender fields, Sunshine, Moonbeam, Buttercup Meadow, Breeze, Enchanted wood and  Angels rest. 
The handmade products have an ancient philosophy behind them, which I also love...
                        ~*~ When you touch a flower you disturb a star ~*~
I'll let you read in their own words below...                                              
 "Behind our products is an age-old philosophy: When you touch a flower you disturb a star. It’s an idea that goes right back to medieval times when herbalists combined the sciences of medicine and astronomy – and flowers, linked to the stars, were used for their healing properties. Like these early sages, we believe there’s a connection, between earth and air, fire and water
 – Quintessentially English
Just look at this divine soap! When I look at this I can almost imagine myself decadently laying among it, sniffing it, touching it, sort of  as Monsieur le CurĂ©  did among the Chocolate display in Joanne Harris' film Chocolat. ;)
In the back room by the huge old fireplace there is an interesting mix of eclectic gifts for sale, a selection of enticing tea, candles, and bowls of mysterious smelling magical incense that you can buy by the ounce. Upstairs hidden away in the attic there is more treasure, all manner of vintage bits and pieces.  
There is always something different to see whenever you visit here. Sometimes you even get to see  some of my things popping up here from time to time. :) 
If you are in the area, then it really is a must to visit.
 If you aren't, then don't worry, as they have an online shop just here.

Have a great weekend!   
Karen x                                                                     

Friday, April 18, 2014

A quiet week

This morning as I write with my mug of tea by my side, the view from my window is gentle on the eye. Still and silver, a  misty beginning. Later I predict the sun will burn through and the day will be another sunny warm one, just like yesterday.  The sky is filled with birdsong. A blackbird is close by on a nearby branch, it's song,  a poem for a new day.
Spring is well into her wild and flowery dance now, scattering her magic throughout the grass. 
On days like this, it's hard to stay indoors. Much better to be outside and to take the time to lay down in the grass and moss and look upwards at blue April skies. 
 And to slow down and enjoy the view on  our journey. 
It's good to be back working outside. I may not have internet connection there, but I have the blossom, daisies and dandelion to admire whilst I quietly work away. I'm busy with hangers again now. The sanding part can be done sat in the sun. 
Sometimes it's hard to go back inside to paint, when the warm sun is on your shoulders,  but at least I can open the doors and let the sunshine in,  which is a good thing.  
I found a birds skull the other day when gardening. What a beautiful elegant thing. I shall add it to my nature collection, which I must remember to show you another time... 
I also came across this fellow hiding beneath a stone in the garden. I think his title is, Mr Toad, assistant gardener.
As the greening takes place  and the new leaves unfurl, the banks and fields are scattered with the delicate colours of Spring. 
On my walk tonight I spotted this little rabbit enjoying the evening sunshine.
New life is everywhere, and it's wonderful to see.
I wish you all a Happy Easter weekend. x