Thursday, November 24, 2011

Winter On it's Way

As I sit writing this I can see through my window the wind has got up. The last week has been so still and grey, but today the light has changed. The first glimpse of winter in the pale pink tinged afternoon.

Light and shadows on the wall look like other worlds and landscapes. Maybe I will paint pictures inspired by these. More to add to my long list. ;)

I've been busy with wooden hangers. I have 16 more to paint and then I am having a break from them.  There is always a balance that needs to be met with me in regards to  painting and crafts. If I sway to one too much, then I have a desperate urge to do the other. Recently It's been mostly craft, so it's time to get the balance back.

 Above, owls waiting their turn. There are 11 to paint, barn, snowy and tawny. Below some woodland fairies which have just been listed in my Etsy shop.

This time last year there was snow on the ground. This year I have two pink roses in bloom.
The furry two know winter is on it's way though I'm sure....

Hmm...sister hasn't quite mastered the art of cosiness though...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November Mists And Cracklings

Misted, smoky, damp days of November are here. I love their scent. Sweet browning fallen apples, tangled with leaves fermenting on mossy damp lawns. The sharp temperature drop at night  mixed with wood smoke that spirals out of cottage chimneys. Warmth beckons from cosy windows looking so much more inviting at this time of year. It's that time to dig out hats, scarves, gloves and big socks that come up to the knees again.
Skies have been illuminated with flame and cracklings.
While outside is Autumn, inside has been one step ahead.
Winter and Christmas has stopped by at my desk.
Holly and Mistletoe hares to be added to my Etsy shop.

 And some more pendants.

 I've just finished reading a story with a unicorn. It also had wonderful dragons, magic and Glastonbury woven into it's pages too and the theme of the story is so current and relevant to today. I won't give too much away but suggest you go and read more! The book is called  'Tilly Greenway And The Secrets Of The Ancient Keys' By Essi Tolling. 'Watchers' is book one of a trilogy. There is an Amazon link on the right side bar. I think it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for an older child or teen? Or if you are like I am... then of course also yourself. ;)
I love the way that books now have trailers, what a great idea. I found this one on you tube.