Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Break

Summer is slipping away and the smell of Autumn is in the air again this morning.  My list of things to do is getting longer and longer and longer...I shall be off to the sea soon to recharge.In the meantime I've decided to have a little blog break. I won't be away for long,  just enough time to organise my very cluttered head at this moment and tackle some of the jobs on the list . ;-)  In the meantime I'll leave you with these beautiful videos that are three of my favourites. I hope you enjoy the music, amazing photography and beauty of our Mother Earth as much as I do. Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of the summer. I'll be back soon. xxx

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hazelnuts and Magic Forest Worlds

August has brought with it warmth and sun today. It is hot and humid and the long grasses that blow in the occasional breeze are dry and yellow and have an end of summer look about them. I'm sure the seasons are ahead of themselves? The hazelnuts that are normally ready for picking and eating at the end of August are ready now and there are ripe blackberries to pick on the land where we grow our vegetables.
Here are my two tucking into some freshly picked hazelnuts. We openly admit to suffering from nut fever in this house. I'd better make sure I pick more soon before the squirrel takes the lot. I'll leave the one's at the top of the tree for him or her. ;-)

 Here are a couple of the other hangers that were not quite finished the last time. Tiny magic forest worlds inside a toadstool.
These two went across to etsy the other day. The unicorn one has sold, but at the time of writing this, the fox one is still available.
I have also put some other items in the shop, pendants and a whale, but I've decided it's not worth showing them on here if they are similar items to what I have made before, as things begin to get a little repetitive.

I loved the Harry Potter film and am already looking forward to it coming out on dvd and imagining myself curled up on the sofa by the fire this winter watching it again.
So to the giveaway....Thank you to everyone that commented.  All names including the one's that commented via, Facebook and Twitter were put into a hat and the winner picked out was (a facebook name)... 

                                                   Lynda Redwitch

Lynda please let me know your contact details so that I can send the magical goodies to you. I would send them by owl but I don't have an owl I'm afraid, so Royal Mail will have to do.

Before I disappear again I thought I'd share this short film 'Astonish Me' with you. It's the latest one by uk WWF  and is very captivating.