Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prettiest Of Weeds And A Sprinkle Of Harry Potter Magic

This week the sun and rain seem to be playing games with each other. Neither one can make their mind up to stay. The Sun has been fickle with her golden rays, likewise has the rain, showering short bursts here and there with her diamond droplets of precious water.I suppose the rhyme does say...

"Hot July brings cooling showers, apricots and gilly flowers" 

Well I don't have apricots growing here, but I do have flowers.
Talking of flowers I want to share with you this pretty one that has popped up in the garden and down near our vegetable patch. Most people would consider it a weed but seeing as there is no such thing as a weed really, it's all personal choice, we decided to let it thrive. After all who are we to judge that this  plant with it's delicate sweet scent has no place in a garden? It's called Hawkweed, but is also known as other names my favourite being 'Fox And Cubs'. :-)

 In between watching the showers and looking for rainbows I've been gradually making way through my pile of work.
Various birds, hares and pendants. There is also another whale, a couple more toadstools and another Narwhal that are still on the desk not quite ready yet.

These will all be listed over the course of today in my Etsy shop if you are interested in any of them.
I also just had to create this snowy owl. What with the last film being released, Harry Potter magic is in the air again!
(He'll also be listed in the shop)

I haven't seen the film yet, but will be this weekend. I must remember to take plenty of tissues as I know there will be tears. It's an end of an era and I'd like to thank JK Rowling for the Magic and all those clever film people for bringing it to life on screen. I loved each and every book and every film too. If like me you are yet to see it here's a taster. ;-)

                             Giveaway Time!

Last time I was here I said I'd be be back with a summer giveaway.  A little celebration as this is my 200th post! When I began this blog I'm not sure I thought I'd get to 100 posts let alone 200!  So, because I have Harry Potter on the brain at the moment, I thought it would be fun to include a little HP in the giveaway.
Below I've collected together a few items that have a 'magical' feel to them. There are some HP postcards, a candle, a couple of moon scented incense sticks, some sparkly stones that you could use for craft or jewellery making and a couple of other stones, one which looks a little like the philosophers stone I thought? I will also throw in a couple of my postcards too! ;-)

Just leave me a comment if you'd like to be included. If you can't comment due to blogger access etc, as I know it plays up sometimes. You can also comment on my facebook page or if you are on Twitter, Tweet this post on and then let me know and I'll enter you in the draw too.  I will choose a winner in a couple of weeks time.
Happy Harry Potter watching! x

Friday, July 8, 2011


July has arrived and I haven't blogged. So here I am with a new painting.
                                                              Waking The Ghosts
It seems words have ran away again. They have hidden underneath moth wing and clover leaves. This time last year they did the same thing... I've been a hermit shut away in my workspace.  Four paintings on the go and a stack of wooden things to paint. Until they are ready here are some things I've been dreaming and humming to.

Jackie Morris lead me to the bewitching voice of Emily Portman and I was lucky a couple of weeks ago to hear her sing locally on a wonderful apple journey. A magical hour and a bit, well spent indeed.
Another lovely song  below is beckoning me to the sea again. And I will be journeying twice next month. One of which will be to my sister's wedding. 

This last week the days have been a little rain washed. By the evening though the sun comes out  and we've followed the itch in our feet to walk by the river. I captured some magic along the way.

On our way home we glimpsed  fox, heron, swan, duck, rabbit, wood pigeon and a white horse that secretly I think was a unicorn in hiding.
The new painting can be found as a print in my Etsy shop.
Have a great weekend everyone. I shall be back soon with a summer giveaway!  x