Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Snow Tales of March

With March now almost over, I thought it time to look back on it's moments.
Like most of the country we got some snow! Which of course I was extremely pleased about, as we never really get much here in the west. The Beast from the East' they named it. My little ginger beast enjoyed it too, unlike his sister who I think much  prefers to be stretched out on a warm path in the sunshine. If you look closely at the picture you can just make her out underneath the holly tree at the top of the path. Her brother is getting ready to chase her in the bottom of the picture. The snow bringing out the kitten in him even though he is ten now.
It was important during this cold spell to make sure that the birds had plenty of food, so they were given extra top ups several times a day. I was so happy to see not just one, but five robins visiting. I like to think that my 'robin good fellow' when he was around, told the local robin community that in times of possible lack of food, this garden was the place to come. How I still miss him...
A snow day was of course a day of capturing winters magic before it said it's goodbyes.  The wind caused the snow to drift quite spectacularly in places. The garden path had turned into Narnia once more. 

I did feel sorry for the little newborn lambs out in the cold. At night we can here them bleating as they are in the field next to the garden. I'm sure they were tucked up with their Mothers though and kept warm. Although this one looks a little forlorn, they were actually skipping around as lambs do and didn't seem bothered by the cold white stuff carpeting the ground.
As the sun returned and the snow began to melt, it was as if winter really wanted to show off its talent and beauty and gifted me with these amazing icicles.
The ivy had turned into a chandelier. So beautiful.
Then I heard the sun tell winter it really was time to bid it's farewell...
The little ice hare in the garden was hoping to gaze at the moon just once in a starlit sky. But, it was not to be, alas the earth called him too soon. He was needed deep down below. Softly he melted and each drop of him replenished the new life that was waiting for Spring.
New in the shop.
March has brought some new notebook sets to the shop.  'Little notebooks for those who believe in magic' 
These are a set of two. 'Believe' and 'Be Wise'
And with Spring upon us I wanted to turn some of my spring paintings into notebooks too, so this pack is a set of three. 'Little notebooks for nature lovers'  'For hare lovers', 'for love & magic' and 'for nature notes' 
All are A6 pocket size again, with 36 pages and recycled 300gsm paper printed covers.
With Easter weekend just around the corner, I hope to get out and about and there is a painting on my desk to finish too. Hopefully the sun will shine as bright as the primroses.
Happy Spring! x