Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some Colour To Share

It was so very warm last weekend and humid! I'm sure it felt the same as the tropical house in the Eden project!  When it's hot like that it is almost too hot to do anything I always feel. I'm not complaining, I love sunshine in summer, but being born in December I am a winter ice child at heart . ;)
My son was practicing on the church organ, so I went along to listen. The quiet of the church and the coolness inside it's old 12th century stone walls was  wonderful away from the heat outside. I wandered around and took some photo's whilst he played Bach's toccata and fugue.
Colours and patterns to inspire..
 Did you notice the little spider in the picture above?
Sadly the stained glass windows have a grille covering them outside, which spoils the photographs a little. A necessary and permanent addition now though, as last year they were all vandalised and damaged by stone throwing.

Afterwards I walked home and my daughter had been baking cakes. The glitter on top reminded me of the stained glass colour shining. 
 Very pretty, very sweet, and just what was needed with a cup of tea. 

Today the temperature is back to normal.
And I found more colour. This time my favourite kind.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thirty One Miles In A Straight Line

It seems like so long since I last wrote here... Looking at the date of the last post, it seems it is. Crikey almost a month, I think I must have broken a record, longest time between posts or something like that? (For this blog that is of course) I have no excuse at all, just that days have been passing too quickly and I've been feeling quite wordless and reflective. Happens often I've noticed this time of year and normally indicates my batteries need a little recharging. So Friday was declared a day off and we journeyed just across the border about 40 miles, 31 I believe, if I were to be travelling in a straight line? ;) to the very magical and spiritual Glastonbury.

I love all the interwoven tales connected with this special place, so have to pay a visit at least a couple of times a year. What a beautiful day it was, to walk up to the Tor and gaze out upon the Somerset countryside.

At the top is the most wonderful view. We sat, enjoyed and watched  black velvet crows circle, riding the warm summer breeze. In the distance we could see Wells cathedral and the extreme flatness of the Somerset levels stretching right out to the coast line.
This green and pleasant land is still so very green for this time of year, after all the rain we have had this summer.
                                            Looking down on to Glastonbury town.

In the town we browsed, wandering the many interesting shops and sat in quirky courtyard cafe's decorated with hares, moons, angels, dragons and gold, for mugs of tea, vegetable samosas, and somerset cider.
I brought home lots of incense and an angel card to inspire...
Back here at home in Wiltshire, I've been busy working on the commissioned book illustrations.  Here is a glimpse.....

Must put some flowers on the window sill on this one..
Have much still to do, I just wish I was a faster worker.

The garden is getting wilder and wilder and being taken over by majoram and fennel.

I was happy to see this bee enjoying the globe thistles this afternoon. In the Autumn I have plans to divide this large plant up and spread more around the garden to attract more bees. 
In fact I have lots more plans for the garden this Autumn. Just need more time or 'Groundforce' to come and help me.
(Are they even still around, or am I just showing my age?)