Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some Colour To Share

It was so very warm last weekend and humid! I'm sure it felt the same as the tropical house in the Eden project!  When it's hot like that it is almost too hot to do anything I always feel. I'm not complaining, I love sunshine in summer, but being born in December I am a winter ice child at heart . ;)
My son was practicing on the church organ, so I went along to listen. The quiet of the church and the coolness inside it's old 12th century stone walls was  wonderful away from the heat outside. I wandered around and took some photo's whilst he played Bach's toccata and fugue.
Colours and patterns to inspire..
 Did you notice the little spider in the picture above?
Sadly the stained glass windows have a grille covering them outside, which spoils the photographs a little. A necessary and permanent addition now though, as last year they were all vandalised and damaged by stone throwing.

Afterwards I walked home and my daughter had been baking cakes. The glitter on top reminded me of the stained glass colour shining. 
 Very pretty, very sweet, and just what was needed with a cup of tea. 

Today the temperature is back to normal.
And I found more colour. This time my favourite kind.


  1. Isn't stained glass wonderful. We have a set of Morris and Co windows (designed by Burne Jones) here in Nottingham. They are now the resplendent windows in a pub (the church being de consecrated and sold off). They are wonderful but it does feel wrong sitting under them with alcohol.

    So glad you have butterflies, there are far too few this year so those we see are yet more precious

  2. Hello Karen,
    I did notice, miss spider in the corner....
    beautiful stain glass, I can imagine the coolness and piece,that you and your son felt here.
    This morning I was greeted by the most beautiful moth and I have noticed that spiders are making there homes in my big bay windows (out side)it actually feels more like October, here in the lake district...
    Have a lovely rest of week Karen!
    love Maria x

  3. Enjoyed the color and peace of your church visit, and could almost hear your son's organ playing. So sad about the vandalism of the windows, but they look wonderful now.
    The sparkle of your daughter's cakes are a perfect pairing with the rest of your post. Thanks so much.

  4. Such beautiful windows - It is unbelievable that anyone could want to damage them. We are filling in a butterfly count this year and have seen quite a few species but not as many as some years. I suppose thats due to the wet spring. Karen X

  5. Such beautiful stained glass windows. What is the name of the church, would love to see them one day? Love your butterfly pictures, I too have been taking photos of them the last week, they are so amazing.

  6. Hello fellow December Ice Child! :) Lovely colourful pictures and the sparkly iced cakes look fantastic. I'm sure they tasted as delicious as they looked.
    Jess x x

  7. morning karen, the stained glass is beautiful isnt it? Its funny, I am pagan rather than christian but Ive always loved churches for the architecture and the windows, the artwork is always beautiful, even if the subject matter isnt for me! I always look for the Green Men hidden in very old churches too, are there any in yours?

    Leanne x

  8. Dear Karen,

    My mother told me recently if she could have her life again she would have loved to work with stained glass. Your pictures have plunged me back in the world of Cadfael; I have only just been introduced to pleasures of this eloquently well-written account twelfth-century life.

    Although I appreciate summer more and more as I grow older I too am a winter child at heart. That is what attracted me to your work a couple of years ago: your love of winter colours is clear to see.


  9. Sorry, there are a few mistakes here; I think I have a few rebellous computer keys!


  10. Lovely post and yes I also felt it was like the tropical dome at Eden.I really could not live for long in that humidity.

  11. Beautiful. Lifted my spirits. Thanks

  12. Such lovely colours, but I can never understand why vandals want to break church windows!!! Your daughters cakes look so scrummy :D

    Good luck with the book, it looks lovely already :D


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