Friday, July 31, 2009

White Fox

Before I blow away as thistle down on the wind, to a place by the sea.....
The painting...

I had to finish it before I went, as I wanted to come back and start something new.
It would have bugged me otherwise ;)
Hope the sun shines for you wherever you are!
See you soon! x

Monday, July 27, 2009

Time Travel

Friday brought the last day of the school term, the beginning of our summer holidays, and the end of my daughters time at Primary school forever.
Its hard to believe how fast the wheel of time turns and how quickly our children grow up.
I will be making the most of spending the days with my two these holidays, which will mean I might not be around as much to update here and visit other blogs for a short while.
We are off to be near the sea for a little bit. Hopefully the sun will shine and the days will be merrie. And I will be taking my sketchbook and camera of course!
I have always been fascinated with time and if given a 'super power' apart from the ability to fly, the other one I would choose would be to be able to travel back in time.
A few weeks ago, my Dad found a bag in his attic filled with old pictures drawn by my sisters and I when we were very young. I enjoyed a sense of travelling back in time, remembering some of the pictures I had made....

Its interesting to see that I liked drawing animals way back then...
And to see foxes, lions and birds included...

But most of all I drew horses!

Infact nearly all of the pictures had a horse in!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Small WhiteThings

Here is a small canvas, a work in progress at the moment...

I often consider these small paintings as snapshots from my mind and characters that have already or will play parts in future bigger paintings and stories. ( hopefully) I'm still trying to get used to doing 'small' as my paintings in the past have been much larger and sometimes very detailed. This white fox has wanted to escape from my head for ages. There will be more in this composition yet, probably a moth?
I know I keep rattling on about moths alot lately, but its just I seem to see them everywhere! Whether I'm just noticing them more, or is it an exceptional year for them. I don't know? .....
Look at this one in our kitchen window. How amazing! ....

Yes, I know the windows need cleaning, but sssshhh......thats boring ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Keeper Of Time

Wandering down to where the willow herb grows, in the early evening, would I catch a glimpse of my moth?
This is the direction it flew on that morning not so long ago. I've also read that they can be found wherever the plant flourishes.

I found a stripy tired snail.

There are more chrysalis in the green house. Small and black and protected by white woven web.I've no idea what type of moth they will be. They have a long sleep over winter until they transform.

I finished the little owl painting and have named it .........The Keeper Of Time

Some special moments captured this week .....

Now I'm off to the greenhouse to give it a much needed tidy up.
An excuse to get in the warm as its chilly inside today.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Like a squirrel in Autumn

Swept along on a tide of busyness its easy to bury who we really are. Our hopes and dreams treasures are hidden away and sometimes forgotton in the box of 'times past' or 'for another day'. Through others eyes we are perceived and presumed to be...

Its a different view though when you are on the inside of the mirror and looking out...

I've been busy with jobs that sometimes get in the way but have to be done. The varnishing of floors can be tedious and painting of window frames a little mind numbing but I have fitted in some drawings for new hangers and paintings and have been storing ideas like ripe hazelnuts, as a squirrel does in Autumn.