Tuesday, February 27, 2018

First Bee of Spring, Hares, and a Birthday

Now that the seasons are changing, primroses are in flower much earlier than they ever were. The climate is warmer which means bees and other insects wake up and are active earlier. I saw my first huge bumble bee this year around the beginning of February. Luckily there were lots of primrose, snowdrop and crocus around for this beautiful queen to feast upon. I'm sure she was a queen  because she was huge. To honour her wonderful majesty, I created a little painting.
This painting will be available in my next shop update. (tbc)
 We have been  enjoying the February sunlight and warmth through the glass.
Although the weather has turned chilly here today and we have even had some flakes of snow fall.
It was definitely a thermal trousers kind of day.
On my desk this month, I've been playing about designing some new shapes for the hares this Spring.
And with lots of tea to keep me going, creating some with the older regular shape too.
All of these hares will be leaping off to an exhibition at the Masham Gallery in Yorkshire  'Race The Wind' The exhibition begins on March 9th and continues until 23rd April. www.mashamgallery.co.uk
Many of my customers are from the Yorkshire area, so do stop and take a look and say a little hello to my hares if you live nearby. Or maybe even go and buy one there. Don't forget it's Mothers Day on the 11th March so you may want to treat someone special or even yourself.  ;-)

Can you believe it!? This blog is 10 years old! Well officially on the 29th February, but as there isn't one this year, then I'm going to wish it a Happy Birthday now.
So a big thank you to anyone that visits, reads, comments etc... I hope you enjoy this little place of gentle things.