Friday, April 22, 2016

Watching Spring Emerge

Sweet primrose scent has entranced and stolen me away. Sometimes the pull is too strong and I have to just stay. So I sit and watch and breathe the perfume that takes me back. Back to my childhood days, playing in fields and scrambling up primrose banks and railway batters with mud on the knees of my old trousers. My nose in a posy of primroses, cool and soft when brushed against my cheek. One for Mum and one for my Nan, that lived next door.  That sweet delicate smell always steps me back in time.  
And I stay some more and watch the Spring unfold before my eyes.  Bees and brimstone butterflies beneath blue skies. 
I could stay all day, just sitting and watching,  there is always so much to see. But I have painting to do so I bring the outside in with me. 
Back outside for a tea break. I would have missed this beautiful bee fly if I had drank my drink indoors, sat with head in a phone or iPad.  
 From my desk I always get a good view of the latest visitors, normally the feathered type, but sometimes furry ones too.
So things have been a little slower. this month. Taking time to smell the flowers and watch the wonders of Spring emerge. And jobs in the home and garden, digging and seed sowing and giving the house a bit of care and attention.
The parliament is finished. I will miss them hanging here watching, with a knowing look in their painted eyes. But, they have given me an idea for a painting, so they will be back in 2D form.
In between there has been cutting out of more wooden hangers. Below is the Spring Wizard in progress.
And here it is finished.
All of the hangers will be added to my Etsy shop on Monday April 25th at 7.30pm (UK time)
Enjoy your weekend, I have golden beetroot to plant and more digging to do!

P.S...Mrs Thrush now has a nest in the honeysuckle. :) x