Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sketchings and Shimmerings On Water

I have ladybirds in my sketchbook. Real, not drawings. When the sun shines they wake up attracted to the brightness of my desk lamp. I open the windows and some fly free but others crawl back to the cracks of the window frame and go back to sleep. Are they the clever one's not deceived by the winter sun that has woken them?

I've been working in my sketchbook planning new paintings. The one above was drawn on Valentines day. I couldn't help drawing a heart. :)  This one below is for another painting. I've several on the go at the moment. The title of this one is Peaceable Kingdom. The quality of the photo is not that good as it's dark today.

Here are some close ups.

My inspiration for this painting comes from the Edward Hicks painting below which features the same name. And the whole gentle paradise idea I suppose, of a Peaceable Kingdom. If only....
Also the tear inducing film documentary which also has the same name again.

I still  haven't got around to the large unfinished painting yet. It has to be the right moment though doesn't it?
Since I last wrote here, we had another dusting of snow...
And some  icicles. I love icicles.

This is my little potted yew tree that I've nurtured from a seedling, looking like a Christmas tree decorated.

The other day out walking by the river I spotted these sparklings and shimmerings dancing on the rivers gentle current.  Decorating the surface with fairy lights for a silver fishes party below?  The pike, roach, dace and minnow are all dressed up. Of course the kingfisher and heron are not invited. ;)  I feel there is a story there and maybe a painting?

So now to the giveaway! Sorry I've taken so long about it and thanks for all of your comments and wonderful ideas of what you would like to see in my shop. I will go through them all and write a list in my sketchbook . Anyway, all names/ number of comments from here and Facebook were put into the draw and the lucky name pulled out by my son this time, was...... Katie Luce 
Congratulations Katie!  The giveaway items will be on there way to wherever you are very soon.

Now it's back to work, I need to mend my light box which will speed things up here. So for now I'll leave you with beautiful music and magical imagery mixed together by a clever person on Youtube...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow And Celebration

Just as the day was ending the snow began to fall bringing with it the accompanying stillness and peaceful silence. The muffled buzz type of quiet when you can hear the tiny flakes falling. Quickly I took my camera out as the darkness was descending fast.
I walked down the path and into the little wood. Sounds of rook settling for the night and the gentle trickle of water from the stream seemed even more enchanting with snow falling. Not thinking I turned my camera up towards the sky and of course got a wet camera lens. Very silly of me, I know. So some of the following pictures have a misted look and patch to them. I think it just adds to the atmosphere. ;)  Luckily the camera has dried out now and is no worse for wear. 

I walked slowly, conscious of each footstep, enjoying the moment, feeling a powerful connection to the Earth's magic. Across the hill in the fading light I imagined the millions of snowflakes falling, swarming in the blue light, each a beautiful work of art and each unique. And I thought of water and all that we don't understand and I thought of  this.
 Then back  home again I headed, returning with coat and scarf frosted.
The snow carried on until later and it really did look like Narnia had arrived. Sadly as it was dark I didn't capture anymore photographs. My two teens took their sledges and disappeared into the dark to the big hill.
Just a fleeting visit from the Snow Queen this time.  I hope she returns!

Now for a little celebration....

Recently my Etsy shopped passed a 1,000 sales. I'm so happy, grateful and amazed by this I thought I must do another giveaway to say thank you. :) 
So I had a little rummage  and came up with these bits and pieces. Two small prints, a postcard and a greeting card.

If you would like a chance to win them, just leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see for sale in my Etsy shop? I'll draw a name out and announce it on my next post.
In the meantime I have a new painting to draw out, an older one to finish, hangers to cut and hangers to paint, and a suitcase to help pack. Smallest is off to Italy on a school trip skiing. I  hope the snow follows her back. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Travellers Joy And A Little Hare Love

The latest painting is finished. I have named it Travellers Joy.
Someone asked me in the comments on the last post who he was? The answer to this is no one in particular, just a man, a traveller and this picture is just a glimpse into his story. He is one of the many characters that tread the starlit paths through the landscape in my mind. He first appeared last year as a sketch then waited patiently to be brought to life in colour. My head is filled with characters and places and snippets of scenes. I like to think they all live together in a kind of other world . I have access to that world. But then we all do don't we?
Travellers Joy is available to buy as a print in my Etsy shop here.

The weather here has turned icy cold. Wind chill feels about -7 when out walking. I've seen catkins, kingfisher, snowdrops, velvet black rooks gathering in the icy field and two swans in love. Raindrop sparkles on windows, rainbow colour on crystal and I made some Rainbow Tree Pendants.

And with valentine's just around the corner, I thought it time that I made a few more hearts too, so here they are.

A little 'Hare love'

They are also available to buy in my Etsy shop.

This time instead of the plain ribbon, I used what I call my raggety ribbon. It's been in the drawer since last year and it reminds me of the lines and soft colours of the winter garden and also adds a kind of vintage appeal to them  I think, which seems rather nice?
Pale greens similar to the iced moss in the garden this morning.
And the memories of last year in a crumpled leaf.

Darkness descends a little later now and the light stretches with each day that passes. Soon our winter dreams will be replaced with warm and the soft flutter of moth wing. I have missed the moths.
Happy weekend! xx