Friday, February 3, 2012

Travellers Joy And A Little Hare Love

The latest painting is finished. I have named it Travellers Joy.
Someone asked me in the comments on the last post who he was? The answer to this is no one in particular, just a man, a traveller and this picture is just a glimpse into his story. He is one of the many characters that tread the starlit paths through the landscape in my mind. He first appeared last year as a sketch then waited patiently to be brought to life in colour. My head is filled with characters and places and snippets of scenes. I like to think they all live together in a kind of other world . I have access to that world. But then we all do don't we?
Travellers Joy is available to buy as a print in my Etsy shop here.

The weather here has turned icy cold. Wind chill feels about -7 when out walking. I've seen catkins, kingfisher, snowdrops, velvet black rooks gathering in the icy field and two swans in love. Raindrop sparkles on windows, rainbow colour on crystal and I made some Rainbow Tree Pendants.

And with valentine's just around the corner, I thought it time that I made a few more hearts too, so here they are.

A little 'Hare love'

They are also available to buy in my Etsy shop.

This time instead of the plain ribbon, I used what I call my raggety ribbon. It's been in the drawer since last year and it reminds me of the lines and soft colours of the winter garden and also adds a kind of vintage appeal to them  I think, which seems rather nice?
Pale greens similar to the iced moss in the garden this morning.
And the memories of last year in a crumpled leaf.

Darkness descends a little later now and the light stretches with each day that passes. Soon our winter dreams will be replaced with warm and the soft flutter of moth wing. I have missed the moths.
Happy weekend! xx


  1. I love Travellers Joy. Do you know the series Once Upon a Time? All the fairy-tale characters are under a curse and they live in our world without any idea who they really are. One of the episodes was about the Huntsman from Snow White, it was the most beautiful one. Every time he killed an animal, he cried. Then a stupid and arrogant man asked him: What kind of man cries over an animal? And the Huntsman replied: An honourable one.
    So somehow Travellers Joy reminds me of this Huntsman :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Petra. No I haven't heard of the series? But yes, that sounds just like this traveller!
    I will investigate. :)

  3. Hello! I often look at your blog and I love your imagery of hares and foxes and other lovely beasts. There are quite a few hares about in the countryside where I live, and I am often reminded of your blog when I happen to glimpse them. Lovely :)

  4. Owls must be on the brain..I just made a barn owl as well...Your painting is so hopeful and I just want to join that handsome fellow on his journey.
    You're right in that these images are very dream-like.

  5. Rachel... You are very lucky to see hares on a regular basis. Thanks for visiting here. :)

    Kerry...Hopeful it is. :)

  6. The new painting is lovely. Did you read Ireland by Frank Delaney, with a traveling story teller in it? The painting made me think of that book.

  7. The new painting is gorgeous and I'm so in love with the little fox in it. Your hares are beautiful too. So jealous you have snowdrops. They are one of the things I really miss now that I live in the US.

  8. Lovely painting! I like the little fox nestled under his cloak and the Hart almost leading him onwards through the winter trees...
    Beautiful Hare hearts too, I must go shopping soon in your etsy store!

  9. Your Traveller must have so many stories collected throughout his journey, Karen. He is simply stunning. I don't think I've seen a man in your work before...

    And as always, your craft work enchant us all. :)

  10. I really love Travellers Joy, you can really feel that he is about to start on a wonderful, exciting adventure.....The pendants are beautiful especially the Valentine's Hare ones......

  11. I agree with Petra - your Traveller is so like the Huntsman character in Once Upon A Time. If the show airs there, I think you would enjoy it.
    The work is beautiful, as always, and I love your hearts and pendants, too.

  12. I really think your pendants and hearts are quite beautiful! I have always had a love of snow and have starting collecting art depicting winter scenes. Hares and Rabbits are also among my favourites so visiting your blog is something I really look forward to...your imagery is such a lovely place to escape to at the end of long day. Thank you.


  13. I love to travel in that world...I like getting a snippet of the traveller's story and letting that snippet lead me to imagine all kinds of stories for him. And I'm sure I would like him immensely cause he travels with an. Lovely sky!

  14. Love your painting...
    I love your love of Hares...the Hare hearts are beautiful.
    Yes...moths are very beautiful indeed, I miss them too.x

  15. I love looking at your blog. It seems I say the same things, but I do think everything is beautiful. The hare hearts, especially, this time.

  16. I love paintings with a hidden story in them, it's how all my 'Storybook Cornwall' pictures feel :)
    Travellers Joy is gorgeous!

    Love the wooden hearts & pendants too :) x

  17. I love your traveller ,I want to know where he is going and why! Lovely post lol Angela

  18. I really like your hearts and pendants and Travellers Joy is lovely too. The sunrise(?)photo at the end of your post is stunning.

  19. Very sweet.....I so enjoy your artistry!

  20. the feelings i get from travellers joy and from your hare creations too are wonderful ❤

    gentle blessings x


  21. Another lovely, lovely picture, your images are so beautiful in a unique and magical way

  22. I love your soft, magical art. I love the story Petra told, about the honourable huntsman.


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