Monday, June 30, 2008


This painting began with the plan of using it for the decorative banner for my Etsy shop (which I am still in the middle of setting up) I soon realised it probably wouldn't work, due to dimensions being wrong but I carried on with it anyhow as I liked its simplicity and shape. Not so good to photograph though.
Another lovely shop has shown interest in buying some of my animal hangers which is good news.
I'm still dodging bags of half sorted out items since the children's room swap! The shed is full of bags for the charity shop. I need a simple uncluttered house and mind.
Because I haven't got that at the moment, I scrubbed the pine table and picked myself these to put on it. Sweet peas, ahh bliss!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back At The Desk

I am pleased to be back at my desk this week. Last week was slightly frustrating as my daughter managed to persuade my son that she needed the big bedroom more than he did! Being a girl, she got her own way (with the help of a few of her 'Dr Who' items thrown in for his collection) A major swap began which resulted in redecoration of bedrooms and all possessions carried via two staircases! I was more tired than when I walked the 'Stonehenge stomp' a 25 mile challenge walk back in January! I suppose it has been a positive thing, as it has been an excuse to also have a big sort out, which they both needed. Clambering over piles of clutter and boxes of toys I was determined to get something on this blog today. So here is another wooden hanger and the owl on canvas.
I was a bit disappointed with the way the colours photographed as they are much richer.
Looking at the owl now I can also see some little areas that need more work.

A peep at my garden. I love this indigo blue delphinium.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jurassic Coast

We had a lovely day at Lyme Regis last Friday and found this amazing fossil shelf full of ammonites.

I felt about as old as a dinosaur myself after not sleeping well the previous night! The children got in the sea but I didn't brave it. I know ice cold water swimming is apparently supposed to have many health benefits, however I decided to stay wrapped up snug and warm on the beach. I'll go for the benefits another day!

These are some of the birds and hares I've been busy with. This basketful are destined for a local shop.