Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back At The Desk

I am pleased to be back at my desk this week. Last week was slightly frustrating as my daughter managed to persuade my son that she needed the big bedroom more than he did! Being a girl, she got her own way (with the help of a few of her 'Dr Who' items thrown in for his collection) A major swap began which resulted in redecoration of bedrooms and all possessions carried via two staircases! I was more tired than when I walked the 'Stonehenge stomp' a 25 mile challenge walk back in January! I suppose it has been a positive thing, as it has been an excuse to also have a big sort out, which they both needed. Clambering over piles of clutter and boxes of toys I was determined to get something on this blog today. So here is another wooden hanger and the owl on canvas.
I was a bit disappointed with the way the colours photographed as they are much richer.
Looking at the owl now I can also see some little areas that need more work.

A peep at my garden. I love this indigo blue delphinium.


  1. Hello Karen, thanks so much for visiting me and your kind words :)
    Pleasd to meet you and your lovely work.. thanks for the link, I shall do likewise :)
    All the best from Scotland

  2. Hi Karen, I LOvE your beautiful artwork! Well done at changing bedrooms. My daughter and son swapped bedrooms last year and it was so satisfying (once it was all over!) Would you mind if I added your blog to my list too? :o)


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