Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer's Farewell

Summer is tired and sleepy. Her eyes close, her lids heavy with faded  petals. She tells the remaining flowers as she rests her head, that they can stay a while yet, if they so wish. But she warns them of the bite that might come on cold nights when the sky is clear and covered with a twinkling cloak.....

The Mud Maiden here is lost in slumber as summer will soon be. Isn't she beautiful. I'm sure many of you have seen her before. She sleeps in the cornish countryside in the Lost Gardens Of Heligan.  Created by Artists Sue and Pete Hill. You can read more about her here
We paid her a visit during our wanderings near the sea.                          

 And her friend of course The Giant.
August's goodbyes took our breath away with spectacular skies.
Her farewell also inspired my latest painting.
                                                        'Passing Through'

Which is available as a print in my Etsy shop here.

And now autumn has brought gifts.
And a Zazzle shop. If you fancy a new mug to drink your hot chocolate by the fireside, indoors or out  under the moonlight then please have a browse. There are also other bits and bobs such as ipad covers, iphone cases etc and I'm still adding new things. Have a look here.  I'm afraid the mugs don't come with marshmallows though. ;-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Dancer And The Devil

All is not as it seems in the woods. There is a doorway... I step through and follow a path lined with candles. The air is still. I breath the faint sweet scent of fallen leaves and woodsmoke. "Mind you don't stray from the path..." the trees whisper...  There are memories, possessions scattered. Abandoned suitcases their contents spilled. dressses, shoes, books, the best silver, and photographs, so many photographs.

What would you include if you had just twelve minutes to pack?

 A man sits writing. He passes a letter. "Find Colette" he pleads desperately..

Another man plays piano, and another banjo, sat on the forest floor surrounded by twig and leaf.
The path goes on and the light is fading. More photographs and suitcases, spectacles and hair.
I shiver.
A lady, angry and heart sore sits in a bath cutting letters up with scissors.

I reach another door and step through to a clearing. The stage is set twinkling with fairylights around lampshades and sparkling with sequins on dresses. The music begins, I sit down and meet The Dancer And The Devil...
I just had to share a little of my wonderful evening in the woods entertained by Rogue Theatre. Truly inspirational. If you get the chance to see them  then you must. I can't recommend them enough.  To see more about Rogue Theatre have a look here....  and below.

I hope everyone had a good summer? Here's to an incense, berried, woodscented, bonfire, appley, baked potato and spiced cider tasting Autumn.  x