Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Late Summer Break

These past couple of days I have felt quiet and wordless. As though a switch has been turned off, or I've been put onto auto pilot.  Natures way of reminding us to have a break from the routine, step away,  recharge. So I will do just that. We are away to a cosy place among the sand dunes by the sea, soon. A place to let the ocean breeze toss the cobwebs into the atlantic surf. I wonder what the mermaids will do with my old thoughts?
In between I'm going to look for dragonflies and kingfishers, read about belladonna, mandrakes and maybe do some wild swimming?

I have a painting on the easel but it's not quite finished yet so that will have to wait until my return to show you by which time hopefully it will also be professionally scanned and  available to buy as a new print.
I will be back in September  finger stained from blackberry picking, refreshed and ready for Autumn.

Before I disappear I thought I'd share some new additions.  I've always had a 'thing'  and been drawn to glass cabinets with treasures inside. Well recently at the local Car boot sale I was lucky enough to pick up this for £20 which I thought was a bargain. My collection of shells fits happily and now do not need to be dusted.

The other new addition sits happily on top of the seashell cabinet. A gorgeous hare. ( large middle one)
My Dad bought me this as a surprise very early birthday present ( he saw it , bought it and couldn't wait until December to give it to me! ;)  Thanks Dad xx

My Etsy shop will be closed from 26th August until 5th September.
So until then, I'll leave you with some songs I've been listening to lately. See you soon  and make the most of and enjoy the rest of the summer.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Wild In The Garden And Some Chirpy Birds

The garden has taken the path to wild, unruly and untamed.

It's become a little paradise for insects.  

The part of me that likes things organised has been put on pause when it comes to the garden. What a difference this little piece of 'wild' has made. There are more insects seen here than anywhere else in the garden. It's a joy to see all the bees, crickets and tiniest of blue butterflies enjoying this little patch.
While the garden gets even more wilder, I've been busy  with a new project.
Let me introduce you to my new studio/summer workspace...

After much ummings and ahhings I finally decided to get one of these.
I am so excited about working in here. It's surrounded by hawthorn, hazel, plum, roses,and orange blossom, and I  plan to plant foxgloves and honeysuckle and hang bird feeders for my feathered friends.
There is still quite abit of  landscaping, digging and planting around it, to turning it into an inspiring wild retreat outside and in. So I will continue with it and hopefully the warm days will continue well into Autumn to enable me to work outside that bit longer.

I will leave you with new chirpy bird designs some of which will be flying over to Etsy shortly.
Oh yes, don't forget to wish upon a shooting star! The Perseid Meteor showers    peak on August 12th.

Monday, August 2, 2010

And The Winner is.....

Everything has been running late today and so here I am a little later than expected in the day to let you know who has won the giveaway. Thanks so much for taking part everyone. :-)
I really enjoyed making these pendants so I'm sure I will be making more as there are always snippets of wood left from the larger hangers.

So this time as it is late and there were a lot of comments I used the random number generator thingy and the lucky number to come out was 7.
 So who was the 7th comment? .......Drum roll...... Ta da ! It's ...

Lizzie please email me your address and I will get the pendant in the post to you.  :-)