Monday, June 27, 2011

Surrounded By Flowers

“Through the dancing poppies stole, a breeze most softly lulling to my soul.”
John Keats

I could quite easily have laid down in these poppies and fallen asleep as Dorothy did in the Wizard Of Oz.  I didn't though. Luckily these poppies didn't have a magic spell put on them. Well not a sleepy one anyway. I think the spell Mother nature put on these is more a hypnotising enchantment because I just couldn't take my eyes off  them! The bees and butterflies coudn't either although you can't really see in the pictures.
Everywhere I look at the moment there are flowers, so it's not surprising I felt the urge to paint some.
Latest scraps of wood turned into flowery pendants.
No poppies here, but I'm sure they will find a way to sneak into my work somewhere, on something at sometime?
Hopefully next year there will be some in our little meadow area, that has come on well this year.

If you are interested in the pendants they will be heading over to here very shortly.
Enjoy the sunshine and flowers. x

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Golden Eyes Magpies And A Beautiful Diary.

Look what I found... A toad with golden eyes stepped straight out of a fairytale into my garden. Isn't she gorgeous!...
I'm here to show you the painting finished.
( Been umming and ahhing over the name of this piece, so for now it is unnamed.)

And  more magpies, this time in a small 5x5 canvas which I've named....
                                                                    'Indigo Wood'

Both paintings will be scanned shortly and made available as prints.

I've been watching magpies out of the window this week. They've been hopping about in the garden. I think they have a nest nearby as I saw them chase a blackbird off and a grey squirrel. What characters they are! Did anyone see the beautiful raven on BBC Springwatch? Chester was his name and wasn't he handsome and so clever.
Hmmm... someone else has had their eye on birds too. Luckily without any success.

Other news... I've listed some more cards in the Etsy shop.
Pendants and postcards and more designs coming soon, as I still have plenty of scraps of wood!

And what a treat arrived in the post the other day.

 My complimentary copy  of next years 2012 ' Earth Pathways Diary'  I was so pleased to hear that my painting 'Wearing A Robe Of Gold' had been included. :-)
It really is a beautiful diary, filled  with wise words and stunning pictures. Pop across to here and snap one up, as I believe they disappear quicker than the queen of hearts jam tarts!  

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Rainy Day Out

A rainy day....
A house, glass eyes peer across landscape little changed.

Scent of raindrop soaked garden, flash of peacock turquoise. Jewels in the green.
Solid stone storybook house is watched. Eyes on peacocks, eyes on trees.

                                        (A painting awaits from these images I think? ;-))

And from the earth amid the leaves and damp and smallest of creatures, eyes that look up.

                                                           Let me lie on grasses green
                                                             On my mother earth I lean

                                                             Let me lie on grasses green
                                                              On my mother earth I lean

                                                                    Under burning sun
                                                              Through my veins she runs

                                                            Let me breathe the forest air
                                                         It's the life force that we all share
                                                               Feel my burning tears

                                                                Heal me through as I lie
                                                                       Here with you
                                                                      Heal me through
                                                          Let me sleep and keep me close
Hayley Westenra 'Let me Lie' extract

You can read more about the house here. :-)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Things I Have Done Since I Last Wrote Here

Saved and freed one tiny mouse hiding underneath a shoe in the kitchen, from the clutches of  one tabby cat.

Picked armfuls of the sweetest sweet williams.

Ate fairy sized strawberries and gathered rose petals.

Spied a grass snake.
Help rescue the dearest little lamb from the river and dried it with a towel. :-)
Bought the 'one ring' at the local carboot sale. ;-)
  Watched the sun set lilac, purple, and pink.

A perfect end to the first day of June.

 It's been peaceful  at my desk surrounded by the sounds and scents of the garden.

The baby birds have flown and now I can hear them cheeping in the apple tree, whilst Mummy bird carries on helping them to feed. Today summer truly arrived. The sun was hot, the sky blue and the orange blossom perfume, the smell of bliss.

As you can see on my desk in the photo above, I've been busy with some more wooden birds. Here they are finished...
I also thought I'd share with you a WIP ( work in progress) that I've been working on. A painting that's been on the easel for a few weeks now. It's been left and put aside for various other things that had to be completed first, but today I did a bit more.
Hopefully this will be finished soon?
Have a magical weekend everyone.