Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Things I Have Done Since I Last Wrote Here

Saved and freed one tiny mouse hiding underneath a shoe in the kitchen, from the clutches of  one tabby cat.

Picked armfuls of the sweetest sweet williams.

Ate fairy sized strawberries and gathered rose petals.

Spied a grass snake.
Help rescue the dearest little lamb from the river and dried it with a towel. :-)
Bought the 'one ring' at the local carboot sale. ;-)
  Watched the sun set lilac, purple, and pink.

A perfect end to the first day of June.

 It's been peaceful  at my desk surrounded by the sounds and scents of the garden.

The baby birds have flown and now I can hear them cheeping in the apple tree, whilst Mummy bird carries on helping them to feed. Today summer truly arrived. The sun was hot, the sky blue and the orange blossom perfume, the smell of bliss.

As you can see on my desk in the photo above, I've been busy with some more wooden birds. Here they are finished...
I also thought I'd share with you a WIP ( work in progress) that I've been working on. A painting that's been on the easel for a few weeks now. It's been left and put aside for various other things that had to be completed first, but today I did a bit more.
Hopefully this will be finished soon?
Have a magical weekend everyone.


  1. Beautiful post and photos, and the last painting, the fairy curled up in the next.

    Thank you.

  2. Great post, I love how you've been rescuing animals. :0)

  3. Absolutely lovely, the sweet williams are gorgeous. What a week you have had.
    Let's hope it is the measure of the June to come!

  4. So glad you're enjoying your peaceful days, Karen. I just love the darling birds! You seem to give them life of their own... :)

  5. It was my birthday on the ist of June> The photo is lovely!

  6. Your painting and the wooden birds are lovely. Your day sounds rather idyllic; don't put on the ring though! Tis very powerful.

  7. Really lovely painting and how wonderful to rescue animals x

  8. Lovely painting,
    awww, and fairy sized strawberries! <3

  9. It is always a delight to visit you here...

    Your creations, your world, your words....are filled with such magic....they bring my daydreaming heart such happiness :)

    Love all you do!

  10. Most delightful, as usual. :-)

    ~ Deb

  11. I've been doing some of the same... though I can't say I rescued any lambs. I have spotted a few snakes, rescued several chipmunks from Pasha cat, and collected violet leaves for lunch.

    I love the birds and the new painting, it really speaks to me!
    Happy June - yours was obviously much quieter than our first day of June - we had a tornado hit not 25 miles down the road. Intense with lots of damage. Glad your June started off peacefully!

  12. Your birds are beautiful - is there a message in the picture? it would make a lovely gift for someone with a baby girl (three for a girl?).

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  14. Your magical post brightened my day Karen. I covet all of your wooden (woodland) creatures.
    The work in progress is a delight (magpies and a faerie - two of my favourite things), I do hope you get to finish the painting as I know it will look wonderful ♥

  15. Your work is utterly, utterly beautiful. You can just feel the serenity flowing from your paintings and the wooden birds are just gorgeous. I'm in awe.

  16. That was delightful. Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed the parts about the mouse and lamb.

  17. I am so curious about the "one ring".. what is the story behind it? What an amazing box and ring! Can you tell me about it? Thanks!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. Lovely post - you have summed up my perfect day :)

  19. Such a lovely post.... Love the wooden birds...

    The ring looks like something from Harry Potter.. Wonderful find and the little box it came in is so sweet.

  20. ummmm *waves* I just saw your beautiful avatar on Ceclia's blog (Purple Poddded Peas) and had to come have a nosey. I am in love. Your artwork is stunning and that piece of music that at first startled me is wonderous. So, umm 'hello' from your newest follower :)

  21. I love magpies, it always makes me sad that they get such a bad press...I cant resist a bit of sparkle either

  22. The wild Magnolia....
    Thank you! Glad you like it. :) x

    Dyche Designs...
    Thanks :) The poor lamb was taken in by the farmer after we dried it. It was skinny and think it's mother had rejected it. Hopefully it's being looked after well now and hand reared.

    Gerry Snape...
    Thanks Gerry :)

    Thanks. Sweet williams are beautiful aren't they and they last along time too in a vase. :)

    Thanks Amalia. I'm sure they have a life of there own and fly around when I'm not looking or sleeping. ;) I hope you are enjoying yourself too. :) x

    Angela Bell... Ooh Happy belated Birthday Angela! x

    Don't worry... I shan't put the ring on. ;)

    Dubgirl...Thanks. :)

    Marie Therese...Thanks..They are wild alpine strawberries that grow quickly and spread everywhere. I expect you get them in Sweden? :)

    Cameron... Thank you! Such kind words! x I'm so glad you enjoy visiting here.

    Ms.,Deborah, Valerianna,...
    Thanks :) Valerianna the tornado sounds very scary! What a beginning to June. Hope the rest of the month is more peaceful for you. x

    Betty.. My pictures always have some kind of message or symbolism. I also like the viewer to make of it what they will though as that is the beauty of Art. It holds different meanings for each of us. :)
    Tales from Dryad Forest...
    Lovely to hear it brightened your day Natalee. :) I've almost finished the painting. x

    Thanks so much Bethan. x

    bunnits,By Teresa, Puddicks and Are you curious about me...
    Thank you. :) The Ring is a copy of the famous ring in the story and films The Lord Of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. In the story it is a magical and powerful but evil ring. It was only 50p at the local Car boot sale.I was also attracted to it's black box with the elvish writing. How could I resist! :)
    Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words about my work. x

    A time to dance...
    Oh me too Helen! I'm a bit of a magpie myself. :)x

  23. Wow that was beautiful.
    I am speechless, your artwork is mesmerizingly beautiful. x


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