Thursday, June 16, 2011

Golden Eyes Magpies And A Beautiful Diary.

Look what I found... A toad with golden eyes stepped straight out of a fairytale into my garden. Isn't she gorgeous!...
I'm here to show you the painting finished.
( Been umming and ahhing over the name of this piece, so for now it is unnamed.)

And  more magpies, this time in a small 5x5 canvas which I've named....
                                                                    'Indigo Wood'

Both paintings will be scanned shortly and made available as prints.

I've been watching magpies out of the window this week. They've been hopping about in the garden. I think they have a nest nearby as I saw them chase a blackbird off and a grey squirrel. What characters they are! Did anyone see the beautiful raven on BBC Springwatch? Chester was his name and wasn't he handsome and so clever.
Hmmm... someone else has had their eye on birds too. Luckily without any success.

Other news... I've listed some more cards in the Etsy shop.
Pendants and postcards and more designs coming soon, as I still have plenty of scraps of wood!

And what a treat arrived in the post the other day.

 My complimentary copy  of next years 2012 ' Earth Pathways Diary'  I was so pleased to hear that my painting 'Wearing A Robe Of Gold' had been included. :-)
It really is a beautiful diary, filled  with wise words and stunning pictures. Pop across to here and snap one up, as I believe they disappear quicker than the queen of hearts jam tarts!  


  1. Hi Karen
    How lucky are you to have such a beautiful toad in your garden...Yes wasn't Chester amazing..I really do marvel at these birds they are so intelligent..Yet more pieces of beautiful work..MAGICAL..
    Have a great weekend what ever the weather..

  2. oh life looks good in your world
    from gorgeous magical art to a toad
    greeting cards to delight
    lovely weekend to you ~

  3. I admire your art work with its mystical look, and the toad with golden eyes is fabulous; what a good garden visitor. Now I will take a look at your etsy shop.

  4. My youngest son and I had been enjoying natterjack toads on Springwatch so it was lovely to read your blog post. Chester was amazing such a sheen on his feathers - we are both very sad the series is over until the autumn. Lovely paintings as usual. Have just received my copy of Earth Pathways but haven't looked inside yet. Karen X

  5. Beautiful work as always. My sister would love that toad.

  6. What a beautiful Toad!!! No doubt she will be making some personal appearances soon?

  7. Now that is definitely a magical toad! You're so lucky to have a fairytale world of your own... and it shows in all of your paintings, Karen! They're just captivating. :)

  8. Love those golden eyes! Enchanting.

  9. Hi Karen, Your golden-eyed toad is worthy of her own fairy tale. Or even a painting? :)

    Love the magpie paintings. We have a nest outside our front door and they are watching over their fledglings right now so we get lots of chattering from them as we go in and out. My toddler is fascinated by them.

    Nice to see all the beautiful pieces you are producing - yay! :)

  10. I did see that beautiful raven on Springwatch the other day! He was fantastic wasn't he? I love your cards, I think a visit to your shop is in order! Have a lovely weekend Karen :)xx

  11. Hi Julie! Great to hear from you. :) Yes indeed they are clever. Even more so than we realise I think. Hope you have a magical weekend. x

    Tammie Lee..And to you! :)

    Terra..Thank you!

    Karen... It's always sad when Springwatch finishes. It is very addictive! It's great that it's so popular too. A good sign surely? So happythat you like my paintings. :)

    Dyche designs... Thank you x
    So you have a toad loving sister? That's great to hear! Some people don't seem to like them much, I've no idea why?

    Von.. Yes I'm sure she will. ;)

    Amalia...Ahh thank you Amalia x Yes I like my little fairytale world. ;)x

    bunnits... They really do look gold don't they! :)

    The garden ms...
    Yes I agree! I'll have to add her to my list of work that just gets longer and longer and even longer. :) How wonderful to be able to see what's going on with the baby magpies! x

    Hi Jessie! Thanks :) Have a great weekend too. Fingers crossed for the sun to shine. x

  12. I really want an earth pathways diary. I have looked at them for the past 2 years. This is the year!
    I love, love,love toads!
    Again, such beautiful artwork.
    I saw the raven on spring watch, wasn't he amazing.
    Much love.

  13. Wow, a golden-eye toad, beautiful! I wonder what would happen if you kissed him or her?

    Also, that calendar is really STUNNING! I just emailed the folks over there to see if they will be available internationally... quite beautiful. Your work in there looks wonderful.

  14. Me again! My daughter, Rosie, loves your painting and she would call it 'Magpie Beauty'!
    They are very beautiful aren't they.x

  15. The Earth Pathways Diary looks great, I love the cover and shall order one as soon as they become available,sadly I'm too late to pre-order one:(
    I love your magpie painting too but even more I love the Hare pendant so I've bought it:)

  16. Indigo Wood looks beautiful. I wish I could walk there...

  17. Your magpie paintings are truly beautiful...

  18. I love your work :D so magical.
    Have nice weekend

  19. Beautuful as always!
    How 'bout...
    Indigo Dreams (as a title).

  20. What a gorgeous toad! All your new work is magical and whimsical, as always. Congrats on being included in the Earth Pathways 2012 diary. :)

  21. Adorable paintings, so full of magic :D and I'm hugely jealous of the lovely toad :D

  22. Dear Karen, I haven't commented here since a long time, but I follow your lovely blog! Every time I exclaim silently or just smile at the look of your tender, dreamy drawings - no matter on cards, pendants or canvas...
    I like the way you paint magpies. Here, in the town, there're not many of them and I like to watch them hop and fly.
    The Frog With Golden Eyes perhaps was ready to enter in YOUR fairy tale, in a drawn one...:)
    Congratulations on taking part in the diary with your painting!

  23. Your artwork is absolutely stunning and so magical. I'm an immediate fan and am going to look through your past posts now for more of your gorgeous artwork.

  24. Wow! Absolutely beautiful calendar. I just read a few of the sample pages and love what they say as well. I'll keep checking the status on the Earth Pathways to find out when they go on sale! :)

  25. Oh my gosh, that Toad is straight from fairy land! Wow, I would love to just sit and watch such a beautiful creature. Those eyes!

    And as always, your art stirs my soul. Your fox print is just magical!


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