Friday, January 21, 2011

Between Earth And Water. Selkie

I very rarely have pieces of work that don't want to be finished. But a canvas I began over a year ago has been one such painting. Several times I've settled down with paint brush to it, but something didn't feel right.? Something nagged me that it wasn't ready to be completed. It wasn't yet it's time? Can a painting have a time? Anyway, so back it went into my big tin chest out of the way and pushed to the dusty corners of my mind, while I carried on with other projects and ideas.
That was until last week when I placed it on the easel again.  This time the cogs of creativity creaked and turned, quite slowly mind, it still being January and me still with my hibernation tendencies. ;)  Eventually it began to turn into a glimpse of a story.  This is how it looked  way back in 2009. Yes 2009! I can't believe it's been that long!?... take a look, it's at the end of the post....  here
And here it is now. Somewhat changed, but I think it works?

                                                              'Between Earth And Water' 

A selkie ( as most of you probably know) is a seal that can shed it's skin to become human. It is believed that the legend began on the Scottish islands of Orkney and Shetland where selch or sel(kie) is the scots word for seal. ( from old English seolh )

I'm not sure why this painting suddenly took on the selkie theme? Selkies, Kelpies and Mermaids have been swimming around in a sea themed room in my mind for a long time now though, so they will make an appearance from time to time, in fact I'm already thinking about the Kelpie for a painting. :)
The painting is now available to buy as a print in my shop here

A few years  ago I had a video cassette of a beautiful film about Selkies. You may have seen it? The Secret of Roan Innish. if you haven't it's well worth looking out for. Sadly my video wore out. One day I will get hold of the dvd and enjoy owning it again.

Here is the trailer....

There is also another film which is on a similar theme that I must confess to not having seen yet. But one that will be definitely on my list to watch this year.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Days A Little Light Is Needed

The day has been grey here, so I thought I'd share some light that I captured earlier in the week.
 Sometimes we need a little extra light in our days.
To lift our spirits that can sometimes feel worn out or a little deflated in January.
There are days when some things just don't go the way we expect.
But tommorow is another day and in the meantime we'll gaze out of the window.
And of course, a cup of something always helps matters.

 Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beginning Of The Year

New pages, an empty book. What will we fill our brand new year with?

I have set myself a little challenge this year. A sketch a day. I often don't make time to just sketch. Normally I only roughly draw out the designs for a painting. So each day I will draw something large or tiny depending on how I'm feeling and what time is to hand. I think it will be a useful idea  as a warm up  exercise in the morning and it will spark fresh ideas as it can be drawings from life or my imagination. So by the end of the year I should have a book filled with 365 pictures which will be very interesting to look back on.

Yesterday while I was out walking, a willow tree had fallen down in the wind. I picked some branches and brought  pussy willow home (the vase in my window sill above) Spring is already on her way and soon the snowdrops will also be showing their pretty faces.
I've been day dreaming about trees and snow, foxes and bears. I 've also been watching bears on tv as many of you probably have? The Bear Family And Me with Gordon Buchanan if you missed it it's well worth catching it on BBC iplayer here.   I'm  feeling a little as if I'm related to them this winter. I'm sure I do have that hibernating gene in me somewhere!
Here's my first painting offering of the new year.
                                                                  'Across Silver Fields'
 This was actually started in late December when snow covered the ground and was inspired by our Christmas day walk.
I also have been painting some pendants. This little collection are named 'Love Trees'
They will be listed in my Etsy shop over the course of today.
I hope 2011 has begun well for everyone?
A warm welcome to new followers.