Monday, October 31, 2011

Sparkles And Spiders

A sparkling morning.
Little spiders, artists of the garden, their diamond rain dropped filligre webs enchanted  my day? If the sun had not come out and revealed the woven masterpieces would a different day have emerged? 
It was one of those uplifting moments that makes your heart sing and feel a surge of gratefulness for glimpsing  a fragment of nature's overpowering beauty.
Our days are shaped by moments, good and bad, they influence our day. If we look for the beautiful moments we weave and embroider that day to wear.

I'm  loving the autumn light, thin through the fading turning leaves. A wonderful time to be out catching magic on  camera. The seed pod below, I see a crown? And below the glistening water drops on fennel, a chandelier fit for a fairies house?
Later in the day when the light began to fade I walked. Into the quiet mist, and greeted the gentle folk with a warm 'hello'.
And then into a veil.
The other day a good hour was spent replying to comments on this blog, only for them to disappear before being posted. I apologise for not re- doing them but it just took so long and it was very late at night and... well, there are no other excuses. Sigh... Blogger gremlins do seem to be around a lot lately? I really appreciate all of your comments!  And I hope that those of you who ordered the Witch light book are enjoying it! x

I've been busy making more pendants for my shop (among other things) and here are some of the first batch. More sleepy little creatures in nests.

Wishing you a magical 'All Hallows Eve'

Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple Scented October

October is apple scented. We have three trees in the garden. Two sweet eating varieties and an old yellow sour crab apple.

These apples are not off our trees, but instead at our local apple day. So many wonderful kinds and the smell, so sweet and delicious.We arrived there a little late so all the toffee apples had sold out, but there was a little bit of cider left. It's school holidays next week so I think toffee apples could be on the to do list? Nights are drawing in now and I've been lost in the beautiful words of Susan Fletcher's 'Witch Light'.
I enjoyed it so much first time round in September that I have to admit I've been reading it again. (click on the amazon link on the right hand side of my blog for more info) I couldn't put this book down.Wait a bit until it's cold enough to light a fire, then sit by candlelight and crackling log and I'm sure you will enjoy.  

Days are quiet and warm inside my wooden studio.
A new  'Autumn Hare' has appeared....
And will be  available as a print in my Etsy shop soon.

When I was out walking a few weeks ago, I came across this piece of wood. Some trees had been felled and sawn up and this one single slice had been left behind. Of course when I saw it, I saw treasure, or a creation. So it came home with me and sat patiently on my desk until the other day when I turned it into this.
                                                                          'Wood Fairy'

 I went back again to the figure in the nest sketch in this post as I felt it would be the perfect shape to fit and suited it perfectly.  I'll also be listing Wood Fairy in my Etsy shop shortly.

On the subject of nests, we've been cutting a large area of brambles down and my daughter came across these old ones.

Aren't they the most adorable clever creations.

Monday, October 3, 2011


My last post's title seems rather odd now as summer most definitely woke up again. Who would have thought that we would be basking in the most glorious hot days in October.  Shorts and tee shirt weather and no need for a cardigan in the evenings.

Nights are clear and warm with windows thrown open wide and the song of the tawny owl lulls us to sleep while Jupiter shines in the starlight.
I've been busy with birds.

And my desk has been as colourful as a summer garden.

"Delicious autumn!   My very soul is wedded to it, 
and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth 
seeking the successive autumns."  
-   George Eliot