Friday, November 25, 2016

Shooting Stars of Paint and Wood and a Lacewing as an Assistant.

After lots of rain, the leaves on the ground are beginning to dry a little again. Yesterday the wind was whipping them up, the small gusts encouraged them to dance on my way to the post office. Garden wind chimes hanging in trees came alive with the brisk breeze, they sang in their sweet fae voice and told the birds to hurry, hurry. The  birds seemed somehow excited, flying from tree to tree feeding hastily on the abundance of berries. The village streets smelled of  wind and woodsmoke and sweet coffee, coming from the pub. A large crow sat on its roof looking down at me as I walked past. For a moment I thought I was in a Harry Potter film. Really I think it was enjoying the smell of coffee too? 
This leaf has said its goodbyes to the branch now, most have. Looking at the bare branches of the garden and lack of places to hide I can't help but worry about my little feathered friend. There is lots of ivy though, so I  hope he will find shelter on cold windy days.
 This was last week before all the heavy rain and wind. 
Since my last post I've been extremely busy creating new work  for the next shop update which will be next Tuesday 29th November at 8pm (uk time)
The little lacewing below was my personal assistant for a short while, until I decided he may be hungry and set him free outside. 
Anyway... the new work, there is rather a lot to share so I shall stop waffling on and just share the images. All are acrylic paintings on wood with words if they have them, by me. 

'Imagine if each shooting star that fell was a new soul coming to Earth to spread magic'
 'Imagine if each star that fell, had a message of magic from the heavens to tell...'
'A star to break the spell. To wake the dreaming hearts of those who sleep'
'All the birds of the forest and hills brought gifts for those who had forgotten'
I returned to the Finland theme here similar to the painting and pendants that I completed earlier in the year
And back to an older design, the toadstool again.  There are three at the moment but I am still working on two more so if they are finished in time and photographed then I shall add them too. 

Now to get to on with draft listing them all to the shop. I shall need copious amounts of tea to accompany the job. ;)
Have a super weekend!