Monday, March 31, 2014

The last day of March

Well it's the last day of March already, so here I am sneaking another post in before it ends. I had mean't to try and do more posts on here this year, somehow that has not happened. Not this month anyway... March has just whizzed by. I hope you all had wonderful Mother's day weekend? And that you took time to kneel down and smell the primroses which are in abundance right now.  
I was a very spoiled Mummy, with tea and a basket of goodies brought to me in bed. In the afternoon I was treated to a performance of Shakespeare excerpts by my daughter at her local drama group, then after, a walk by the river. I spent the rest of the day to my hearts content planting seeds and transplanting foxgloves.
                                                                                  ~ *~
Today the sun is shining again and the daffodils are gently nodding their heads in agreement with this mild warm weather.
I've been busy painting some Spring birds that will be flying across to my Etsy shop tomorrow evening (Tues) at 8pm UK time.

Next to come will be the hares and some foxy chaps.
Talking of hares, you may want to take a trip to the town of Cirencester in Gloucestershire. They have a hare festival  on at the moment. It's a sculpture trail running right through until September. We payed a visit on Saturday and here's a glimpse of what we saw...
Wonderful colourful hares abound. Aren't they adorable! We even found this chocolate one, which I'm sure will appeal to many of you 'chocoholic' folk. 
And yes, it was indeed all edible, as this sign was displayed next to it. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A little sunlight in the woods

The sun has been to visit and stayed a while. We took advantage and walked in the woods where only the gentle silent waters moved slowly and birds went about their business without a care of anything else that was going on in the world.
The trees skeletal forms were softened with moss. A green velvety coat that glowed in the afternoon rays.(which reminds me I never did get that green velvet mossy coat that I was after a few years back)
Growing upon the fallen rotting branches, moss covered, I found this bright red fungus. I think it's called Scarlet Elf Cup. What a perfect name, don't you think?
 In fact the whole place seemed  perfect for elves to live... and other creatures.

 "Frodo saw the valley of the Silverlode lying like a sea of fallow gold tossing gently in the breeze.  It seemed to him that he would never hear again a running water so beautiful, for ever blending its innumerable notes in an endless changeful music."  ~ Tolkien

Was that the distant sound of sweet singing I heard? Voices of  Lothlorien perhaps.
Even the ant hills looked a little surreal in the afternoon light, almost as if they were sleeping beings that might up and walk at a moments notice, or when the full moon shines upon them?
Our wanderings took us near to the pretty village of Castle Combe which is only just a few miles from me. I'm not sure if I've shared pictures of the village before on here, I may have done?
It's a very picturesque Cotswold stone village and very much loved by tourists. Maybe you might recognise it from the film Stardust?
Although the sun has been with us these past few days and yesterday I was gardening in a tee shirt my thoughts and ideas have been of the north. The latest two finished paintings reflect this. This one below I have slightly changed from my original drawing. 'The Jewelled Breath' available as a print from my shop here
The other painting I haven't got around to scanning yet, so isn't available as yet, but will be shortly. I will take it with me on my next trip to town. I have named this one 'Queen of the Earth, child of the sky'
It's painted on canvas which I often struggle with. It's strange how moving paint across a different surface can behave so differently. Wood and paper is fast, but canvas always so slow, for me anyhow. 
Thanks for all your comments on the last post, so sorry I haven't replied to any, I will get around to it. Time seems to be playing tricks on me at the moment.
Enjoy the sunshine!