Monday, March 31, 2014

The last day of March

Well it's the last day of March already, so here I am sneaking another post in before it ends. I had mean't to try and do more posts on here this year, somehow that has not happened. Not this month anyway... March has just whizzed by. I hope you all had wonderful Mother's day weekend? And that you took time to kneel down and smell the primroses which are in abundance right now.  
I was a very spoiled Mummy, with tea and a basket of goodies brought to me in bed. In the afternoon I was treated to a performance of Shakespeare excerpts by my daughter at her local drama group, then after, a walk by the river. I spent the rest of the day to my hearts content planting seeds and transplanting foxgloves.
                                                                                  ~ *~
Today the sun is shining again and the daffodils are gently nodding their heads in agreement with this mild warm weather.
I've been busy painting some Spring birds that will be flying across to my Etsy shop tomorrow evening (Tues) at 8pm UK time.

Next to come will be the hares and some foxy chaps.
Talking of hares, you may want to take a trip to the town of Cirencester in Gloucestershire. They have a hare festival  on at the moment. It's a sculpture trail running right through until September. We payed a visit on Saturday and here's a glimpse of what we saw...
Wonderful colourful hares abound. Aren't they adorable! We even found this chocolate one, which I'm sure will appeal to many of you 'chocoholic' folk. 
And yes, it was indeed all edible, as this sign was displayed next to it. :)


  1. Lovely blog, I am really enjoying the sunshine and spring flowers. Thanks for the heads up about the hares in Cirencester, I look forward to paying them a visit.

  2. Love the hare sculptures! Especially the hare-alope :) Ducks are big in my state (Oregon) and we once had a similar sculpture trail with big duck figures.

    Yay, spring!

  3. Hares are a kind of personal totem of mine, and so I really enjoyed this post and the photos you shared! I also love your blog....thank you!

  4. Strange collection of hares!! But, yes on the chocolate one.... that's the best. Happy April tomorrow!

  5. Loved the hares as always and your beautiful little birds.

  6. I was wondering what the next animal would be in cities. How lovely that it's a hare! I'm not sure why antlers seem to be popular amongst them, it must be a fashion thing ;) Much as I am a confirmed chocaholic, I think it would a shame to eat the chocolate one. I love your new birds, can't they fly west along the M4 instead? Hehe. :)
    Jess xx

  7. Indeed where did March go! love your new bird hangers Karen, my wee hare is in the kitchen & makes me smile every time I see him. Would love to get to see the "Hare Festival", perfect as they are my favourites. I

  8. Here in Kentucky it's painted horses and of course Bourbon and Wine trails. As always you do such interesting and beautiful posts.


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