Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Dancer And The Devil

All is not as it seems in the woods. There is a doorway... I step through and follow a path lined with candles. The air is still. I breath the faint sweet scent of fallen leaves and woodsmoke. "Mind you don't stray from the path..." the trees whisper...  There are memories, possessions scattered. Abandoned suitcases their contents spilled. dressses, shoes, books, the best silver, and photographs, so many photographs.

What would you include if you had just twelve minutes to pack?

 A man sits writing. He passes a letter. "Find Colette" he pleads desperately..

Another man plays piano, and another banjo, sat on the forest floor surrounded by twig and leaf.
The path goes on and the light is fading. More photographs and suitcases, spectacles and hair.
I shiver.
A lady, angry and heart sore sits in a bath cutting letters up with scissors.

I reach another door and step through to a clearing. The stage is set twinkling with fairylights around lampshades and sparkling with sequins on dresses. The music begins, I sit down and meet The Dancer And The Devil...
I just had to share a little of my wonderful evening in the woods entertained by Rogue Theatre. Truly inspirational. If you get the chance to see them  then you must. I can't recommend them enough.  To see more about Rogue Theatre have a look here....  and below.

I hope everyone had a good summer? Here's to an incense, berried, woodscented, bonfire, appley, baked potato and spiced cider tasting Autumn.  x


  1. Glad you are back and yes I would love to see Rogue theater.

  2. Yes , heres to a wonderful Autumn!
    Theatre sounds great. We wandered around a beautiful old place called Blickling hall last Halloween. There were actors , most quite funny, but one lady was sat on a windowsill crying and then she suddenly became possessed. Being in a different environment made it so, so scary!

  3. Does look enchanting! I just scrolled back in your blog a bit and wanted to say I JUST say the new HPotter film. I loved it best of all. And, I'm considering buying the datebook you're in for next year. It looks wonderful.
    Happy autumn to you.... Its been raining so much here - from almost 10 inches in the hurricane to more and more days of tropical storms that I just might have to buy and anchor for the house! Hope your weather isn't quite as intense, blessings from the forest.

  4. OH yes it was wonderful, magical we went to see it too in my local woods in Cornwall :) i loved cupcakes................ it was a truly magical evening sitting in the woods drinking fire soup with a blanket on my knee...... anyone else reading this you must go if you get the chance x x

  5. glad you're back
    loved the post

  6. Dyche designs...
    It certainly was. :)

    Ima Weed...
    Thanks xx Yes they are indeed well worth a watch.
    It really was and I have to admit I thought of your fabulous outdoors bath that I remember you posting on your blog once when I saw the lady sat in the bath. Hehe ;) x

    Sounds wonderful. I'd love to visit something like that on halloween, although I think I'd be scared as I'm a big baby really. I remember sitting on a ghost train as a child and someone tapping me on the shoulder in the carriage behind. It someone dressed up like frankenstein.Scarred me for life. ;)
    Harry Potter was so good wasn't it! Glad you enjoyed it. I must admit I'm looking forward to it coming out on dvd. The diary is just lovely and is packed full with beautiful words and pictures. Would make a lovely present for someone too.. My head dare I say it is beginning to go into Christmas mode already :/
    Hope the weather dries up for you. xx

    Crystal Rainbow.. That's where I saw it in Cornwall. Who knows I may have been sat behind you? :)

    Suz... Thanks xx
    Angela.. :)

  7. It must have been a very emotional, untraditional and magical experience! Very, very interesting! I like the image of the door in the wood, that leads to a different reality in the habitual and well-known space... Theatre in the wood - this sounds great!:-)

  8. You've conjured up such a lovely mystical atmosphere, that production sounds great. Welcome back to Blogland Karen, I look forward to more of your conjurings!xx

  9. Oooh! This sounds just absolutely magical!! Lucky you.

  10. Sounds fantastic - Will definitely look out for future performances in our neck of the woods!

  11. Oh how mysterious and beautiful - a perfect way to usher in the autumn! :)

  12. Most interesting! The words truly draw you in, and the images stimulate the imagination. Thank you for sharing and for welcoming in Autumn's notions!

    ~ Deb

  13. That's absolutely great story! Thank you.


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