Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wishing for Dragons, Golden Geese and white bees

Down in the village there was talk of a north wind bringing snow this week.
A tingle of excitement shivered my bones as I stood in the post office, and heard this. I love frosty cold weather and especially snow. Each day I have been closely watching the skies with a beady eye for any hint of white bees swarming.

There have been some beautiful moments of light to capture.

The bird painting has been a little neglected this week. Time had to be given to other things.
There is still lots to do to pull it all together. But its getting there, snails pace.

In between odds and ends and snippets of time, I scratched and scribbled in my sketch book, with an idea I had for Illustration Friday 'Pretend'.
I didn't manage to get it done in time to participate this week , but thought I'd show it anyhow.

Dragons and Golden geese really do exist. Who said anything about pretending!


  1. i love snowy, frosty weather too, and we are waiting. . .waiting. Love your photo's and the painting is coming on beautifully. Yes to dragons, when my children were younger & we walked along the beach, we often collected "dragons eggs", (still do). *ruthie*

  2. What a beautiful post Karen. Tonight feels like frost here too. We are almost on the beach so snow in our garden is a rare thing, and so welcome when it does arrive!
    I just love the bird painting. Your paintings make me wish I could paint....

  3. Of course they do. :-) Beautiful sketchbook pages.

    We had our first frost of the year last night, but just barely frosty - nothing so decorative.

  4. Oh we believe in dragons!
    your painting is coming along beautifully - I am coveting it!
    P.S. like your playlist ;)

  5. Let me know when the dragon hatches please.
    The painting is shaping up rather beautifully.

    I am enjoying working along to your music, it is very inspiring.

  6. Of course they exist. And it would seem they would be even easier to see in the magical cold weather light surrounding your home these days.

  7. What beautiful and magical sketchbook pages, like an ancient book of spells...x

  8. What a magical post! I like the white bees! On Dartmoor they said when it snowed on the moor that Widecombe women were plucking their geese!

  9. Oh we've had amazing sunsets too lately..I love the oranges, golds & pinks!!

  10. Snow is a magikal thing, I love it too, as long as I am not driving in it.

    As for Dragons, I am indeed a believer.

    Such a whimsical blog you have.

  11. Beautiful picture, lovely eggs. Have you seen The Princess' Blankets by Catherine Hyde. Very lovely.
    I am haunted by baby dragons and paper boats at the moment.


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