Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Its finished!....I think?

I am going to say the painting is finished.
I have fiddled around with it today, adding things then removing them because they were not quite right. Its strange how all of a sudden you reach a final point. I shall put the picture away for a while, then, I might add something later? Probably not though, as I think I have achieved the feeling in the picture that I wanted.

Changing the subject, look what treasure I found on the shelf of a charity shop the other day!

A candle with a leaf from the 'Glastonbury thorn' just waiting for me to buy it, only £1.25
I shall light this on Christmas Eve.


  1. It's very very beautiful!
    What are you going to do with it? (say I wistfully, wishing I had money to spare, and not just £60 left to go and do the whole extended familys christmas shopping!)

  2. Your painting is haunting me! Not in a bad way of course, it is very beautiful and you can tell it came from a place and out through your hand and brush... I also like the way that it is lightness not darkness that are the powerful elements. x

  3. The candle was a good find & your painting is beautiful!

    Btw, I am sat here enjoying your playlist imensely!!! The Loreena McKennit track is one I'd not heard...wow!
    Thanks for the music :)

  4. *Edit* I meant to write the Loreena track..'Lullaby'! :)

  5. It's so full of feeling, so beautiful. I expect you'll find it hard to part with this one! That candle was a special find wasn't it? It was waiting there for you to find it!x

  6. It is so beautiful. I love her spirit. Very serene. Bravo!

  7. How lovely! You've made her alive with magic.

  8. Hello Karen - I just wandered onto your blog and feel very at home here. I'm an artist too - there's a link to my gallery from my blog (click on the owl at the top of the side-bar.) I really love your work, especially the owl picture - I am often known as White Owl!

  9. I love your dreamy art, especially your huge moon and the obvious movement of wind in your title graphic.

  10. It's absolutely gorgeous Karen!

  11. It turned out beautifully, she has such a lovely face, so gentle and expressive.

    I am looking forward to opening my advent calendar soon!

  12. I'm in love with your blog and artwork! Please stop by and visit my Cabinet of Curiosities sometime! xo Lavona


  13. Oh, she is lovely. I don't think she needs another thing.

    (and congrats on the auspicious find! :-) Love it when that happens.)

  14. LOVE the painting,maybe because I love birds Sooo much and I "feel the feeling"..lovely.
    Found you while visiting The House of Edward..
    Greetings from Holland.

  15. Thanks for all of your lovely comments :)
    I shall hopefully get it printed up and sell a few as prints. Although it is too big to fit on my scanner?
    I 'll hold on to the original at the moment and keep it for a possible future exhibition?.....


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