Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Morning Mr Magpie

Are you superstitious?.....

Do you 'touch wood' for reassurance, just to be on the safe side? (sometimes)
Do you make sure 'not to place your newly bought shoes on a table'? ( my Mum stuck by this one)
Do you cover mirrors in a thunderstorm?( my Nan used to)
Do you let the other person come down the stairs first before you go up, so that you don't' 'cross' on the stairs? ( my children don't)
Do you open the front and back doors on December 31st, to let the new year in and the old one out?( we always do)

And.... if you see a magpie, do you tip your hat and greet him with:

"Good morning Mr Magpie!"

I consider myself to have a few magpie tendencies. No, I am not a thief, but have a bit of a liking for silvery sparkly things. Not the expensive diamond ring sparkly things, thats not me. Items such as craft glitter, a shell with a silvery sheen, the odd christmas decoration, my old crystals, glittering starlight, fairylights, icicles and hoar frost covered cobwebs.

I am fascinated with the tale of magpies being attracted to shiny things and would love to peep into a nest to see how much of the tale is true?

As you can see, I've been busy with another hanger, my own Mr Magpie.
He is complete with his own sparkly treasures and is roosting over at my Etsy shop.
I do hope he doesn't steal anything whilst he's there?
And now I MUST get back to doing some painting ( the paper and canvas kind)


  1. I have had all such rituals drumed into me from a early age - my mother would shreek -"dont cross on the stairs" like a banashee, we had to have elephants facing a certain way we couldnt have birds or feathers in the house - bad luck! I remember her begging me to get rid of my prize peacock feathers a uni and her blaming my lovely pearls for tears.
    I used to like the idea of Magpies and of their love of things which twinkle and sparkle - until I saw one steal eggs from our blackbirds nest, the poor mother was distraught. Gosh I go on this is getting longer than your post! Take care - can't wait for your next entry
    H ps did you like at the artist I spoke of??

  2. I have been tagged and I now youve been tagged! Visit my latest post to see the rules!
    Sounds familiar.... making shoes and having to put them on tables has been hard to get past!
    We carry a very big sliver of oak from our woods in the car on every journey... something to touch when we all say 'touch wood'. Washing or even touching dirty clothes is banned on new years day! Mad isnt it!!!

  3. We have lovely unusual pale blue marble stones that I keep in front of our stone mailbox at the end of our drive. When we go on walks, we often find one or two of these at various spots all over the neighborhood, streets away. A neighbor told me he's seen the crows pick them up and fly off with them. I just pick them back up and return them to their spot.

    The only superstition I seem to have is that I can't turn the calendar page over to the next month till after midnight. Don't know why.

  4. I love your magpie tendencies. Mine are similar - Mmmm! Shiny! Must fondle! For some reason, these kinds of things (glass and shell and stone and glitter) make me really happy...

  5. Yes, glitter, shiny, sparkley, love it, always have :)
    I add to your list the one where if I drop a knife someone else should pick it up or I'll get bad luck. I try hard to ignore the superstitions but they come creeping back! And now that I've rearranged my workspace, I've got Feng Shui to answer to! Now where are those crystals?...x

  6. I love to hear about all your superstitious habits :)
    How strange that those crows are fascinated by your blue stones Pamela.
    Yes, I heard that peacock feathers were bad luck, but kept them anyhow as they are so beautiful.
    I also don't like the Magpies habits of taking others eggs, but sadly that is nature. The cuckoo pushes the chicks out of their nests and I recently watched the most beautiful bird of prey swoop down and take a blue tit on the hawthorn right in front of me.
    Its a cruel world.

  7. Oh, yes, I know what you mean about Magpies and sparkly things~ I spent my whole childhood climbing trees, checking in nests for lost treasures.

    As for rituals, I have many, but I know very few of the ones you mentioned. I think the Canadian ones, might be all mixed up because we are so multi-cultural over here.

    My husband is from England and he never knows what I am doing when I "wish on truck load of hay," or beg him "not to open is umbrella in the house" before walking out into the rain...Love this post!

  8. i am fascinated by superstitions! we have lived with them for so long that some are just part of our lives - now u have me thinking about some we use in our wee house without even thinking- if our ears are burning, someone is talking about us, or throwing spilt salt over our left shoulder to keep us safe. love your magpie *ruthie*

  9. Yes, I,ve heard about the ears burning one. Also if you get a ringing in the right or left ear, the rhyme would be...
    'right your mother , left your lover'
    meaning that is who is talking about you at that time :)

  10. goodness yes! I have a dear friend who says I have the "Magpie gene" :) Like you I have no use for diamonds and such, oh but a glitter crusted glass ornament, I will covet it for my nest!

  11. Wow, I just love your work. Everything has such a dreamlike fancy to it... very whimsical. This hanger is just lovely as well... seems a shame to keep it outdoors somehow! Thanks for sharing.


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