Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Etsy Shop Update

Did I ever tell you about the strange tree that grows in my garden? If the conditions are right and we have been blessed with a warm summer, in Autumn it bears fruit of the oddest kind....
Just didn't believe me did you?
Of course this post isn't really about magic fox bearing trees but to share my latest wooden creations which will all be added to my shop this Friday the 27th September at 7pm  (19:00) uk time on the dot!
Come and meet the foxes......
Inspired by berries and plants in the hedgerow.  Hawthorn,elder,blackberry and dog rose.
There are also hares.
 'Crab Apple' is very pleased to meet you although she was a little shy and didn't really like having her photograph taken.
Herb And Butterfly
And a cheeky little trio. Nordic inspired.
 Birdies...  Mr crow.
And Mr Cuckoo.
Now to the land of the magic forest, where toadstools have small worlds within. These worlds are inhabited by woodland creatures and always much starlight. 

Pixie-ish red ones too. No pixies but more woodland creatures. Or of course the pixies could be shape shifters?
Almost there now, just the pendants to go. I know, let's have a momentary interlude....
 Here's a gorgeous big bee for you to see,  pictured in the garden today. :)
And lastly the pendants....
I've also added some new postcards too, so do stop by and have a look.
See you soon! xx                             


  1. Just so clever and very beautiful...Thea x

  2. Wow! These are all very special! I especially love the herb and butterfly, but the toadstools are so cute too. And one of those white hares would be enough to turn a whole house Christmassy<3

    Also, I'm currently reading Watership Down and this post fits in with that so perfectly.

    1. Thank you. x
      I loved Watership Down read it years ago, but recently when I was wandering around a car boot sale I spotted the sequel. I hadn't even realised there was one. Anyway I bought it for 50p and it's now on my shelf waiting to be read. I'm wondering whether I should re read the first again now though beforehand? :)

  3. Soooo Looooovely - beautiful work

  4. oh many beauties to choose from

  5. oh a treasure lot for sure! such a joy to see each piece.

  6. So beautiful, unfortunately I was too late in the shop. They were already gone : (

  7. Such beautiful and enchanting things.


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