Monday, November 22, 2010

The Misty Month

Whenever I think of November, I think of mist.
November will always be the misty month for me.

Beautiful to capture on camera and when it gets dark, the type of weather to curl up and dream, with a book or a movie by candle or starlight.

I'm looking forward to sitting down to watch this one, this chilly season. Such beautiful animation and soundtrack.

As the sun breaks through the smoky veil, creations have been coming to life on my desk.

                                                             The Mistletoe Hare
 And other odds and ends.

Also available in my shop are The Starlight Hare in postcard form now.

And Fairy Dust. A new print. Actually an old piece of Artwork, but I felt it was sad to leave it shut away unseen.

Hope your Monday is merry and music filled.
(And if you are wondering? items will be listed in my shop over the course of today)


  1. Lovely to see your new work at last!! And your description of November fits the bill perfectly, that's just how I picture it too!

    Love Julia x x x

  2. It's funny that as I was reading your post I could see the mist outside of my window. Beautiful work.

  3. I JUST watched the Secret of Kells- its MAGICAL! The illustration/animation is amazing, its like being inside the Book of Kells. It started out not so spectacular for me, but quickly came to life.... I was moved.

    I like November's mists a lot. Today is one of those days. I love the Mistletoe Hare... beautiful.

  4. you know that I love your work and the first photo is wonderful. The best of November!

  5. The firts pic its so pretty!!

    Good job, every work of you looks amazing

  6. Beautiful Fairy dust, love it :)

  7. I've fallen in love with all of your artwork. Thank you so much for sharing with the community! Its inspiring.

  8. I'm glad the mysterious mists of November are inspiring you. :)

    I love the mistletoe hare. Perfectly lovely. Will you be offering Christmas cards this year?

  9. Karen, thank you for the reminder, i still haven't seen the secret of kells!though i fell in love with the trailer, am off to buy myself a treat! I love these misty mornings & evenings too, they have such a magical feel. Loving your mistletoe hare x x

  10. Thanks lovely folks for your kind comments. x

    Valerianna... I'm really looking forward to it it does look amazing just from watching the trailer and the music that I have heard so far is hypnotising. x

    Julia, Dyche designs,Gerry,Luz, fotf,bunnits... Thankyou xx

    Joel..Thankyou I'm glad you like my work. And you are most welcome I love to share it. Thanks for visiting :) x

    The garden ms.
    Mist always inspires me, whatever the month.:)
    Sadly I still haven't been able to source an affordable greeting card producer. I wasn't happy with the colours of my cards that got printed by Moo but am still looking into it.. If anyone knows a good one, please share. :)

    Ruthie.. It is a special time of year isn't it. Enjoy your treat. xx

  11. The Secret of Kells is the most amazing movie I've ever seen. It's a feast for the visual and aural senses.

  12. You have just a woooooondeful work!
    Congratulation for your talent!

  13. Beautiful gifs! An enchanted for my eyes! Thank's!

  14. As a child I hated the fact that my birthday was in November, but now it's one of my favourite months. And yes, one of the most beautiful.

    The Secret of Kells is an absolute favourite in our household, incredibly original and different from any other children's animated films, and this summer we took the children to see the original Book of Kells which gobsmacked them!

    Beautiful work as ever, Karen. Especially love that mistletoe hare!
    C x

  15. beautiful beautiful artwork in this and the post above, magical photography too. it has added something special to my day, an axtra sense of peace and wonder.

    thank you xx


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